God Knows All

World, world, world. It’s beautiful and deceiving, isn’t it? It’s a tale of winners and losers. It’s a story of good, bad and worse. It’s something which all cannot equally afford. Sometimes it’s a matter of celebrations and at times a point of total discord. In this world big and wide, not everyone is subject to grand treatment and many a time it has been observed that people are cruelly pushed, shoved and thrown to the extreme sides often deliberately and without a warning. The sides of life’s heavy traffic lanes are dark, gloomy and unimportant. But some people are forced to be on them, to work out their ways through them. The mid road is good, attractive and inviting. But sadly it’s not meant for the entire crowd and all are not equally welcome and invited to it. In life, some people are sad because they have been given an unwanted and unmanageable gift as horrible as it could be which is surprisingly life itself. It overburdens the poor soul wanting to be directed, guided and continuously balanced. Some on the other hand are happy with this gift being able managers who understand and run this havoc called life with panache, poise and perfection. In this universal existence and defiance setup one man is sad, other is happy, God knows. But God keeps mum and hums an aloof rhythm. Life is a problematic issue, life is unwelcome for some, God does know. For some it maybe too much of fun, God knows again. Life often has been seen to be a wonderful game, a great going story, God knows this too. The pains and pleasure, the useless and treasure, the magnificence and the disturbance together, God knows it. One is hungry, one is not. One is sick, one is not. One is desiring and wanting, but the trouble music in his ears keeps on haunting. The wins, losses, tragedies and comedies, the fights and surrenders, the worst and the wonders, God knows it all. The destiny of all lies in his hands. But how much more patience of Almighty on burning issues can this in so many ways crippled man, a traumatized weirdo, withstand? If God knows the A to Z’s of this so-called gift of his to us, why doesn’t he make us understand it’s value, importance, greatness or it’s burden to enlighten us with the needed wisdom? Why can’t he say that for everyone in this life he doesn’t have a share of surplus? This life analyzed by the majority sometimes is a crazy bean which surely gets spilled and is a mistake, some wish never to repeat. God is one supreme power and he meticulously made so many but why were his designs not equal for all and why did he partialize on this point giving undue shares to some and fulfilling other’s dreams with all their wantings and all the pennies? Some of the less fortunate got not what they had wished to as their gifts contained unlimited shades of tragedy, comedy, irony which appeared grossly cruel and then finally so very funny. God knows all, he knows the pain behind the pleasures, he knows the tragedies coming after the fun. He knows the cunningness of man and better still is aware of his limitless foolish psyche. But after the construction part, making the world up, can God again afford a backup plan to apply and save the so many he made from life, for life, the biggest mess in itself? I think God knows all and out of due respect for his intelligence and wisdom, I leave the matter of man and life solely to him. I know he has his reasons for everything he does and I don’t stick my long nose in his actionable arena at all. I believe he got a plan for every of his creation and he surely will look after us all when the dire need will be. And I am more than assured that he will not let us down so soon. Because all agree to his wishes and abide by his rules. I think no one can be wiser than God and I put all my faith in him. Whatever a man does, right or wrong, he can never be compared with God, his powers, his style and his wisdom. God has the power to run and manage this entire world and man business better than any one and he surely does the do whenever he has to. God never has to be reminded and counseled about his duties neither does he need any assistance in doing justice, and the rightful. So what goes around surely comes around which means that it’s man mortal again who needs to be taken care of by God, now it does not matter whether he is a small, clever one or a big unsuspecting, fool.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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