God Knows All

World, world, world. It’s beautiful and deceiving, isn’t it? Its a tale of winners and losers. It’s a story of good, bad and worse. It’s something which all cannot equally afford. Sometimes it’s a matter of celebrations and sometimes a point of total discord. In this world big and wide, people are thrown to the extreme sides often deliberately and sometimes unknowingly. The sides of life’s heavy traffic lanes are dark, gloomy and unimportant. But some people are forced to be on them, to work out their ways through them. The mid road is good, attractive and inviting. But sadly all are not equally welcome and invited onto it. People are sad because they have been given a gift so bad as life which needs to be managed and balanced. Some though are happy with this gift as they are able managers to understand and run this so-called havoc called life. One man is sad, other is happy, God knows. But God keeps mum and hums an aloof rhythm. Life is a problematic issue, life is unwelcome for some, God knows. Life is a wonderful game, a great going story for some, God knows this too. The pains and pleasure, the useless and treasure, the magnificence and the disturbance, God knows. One is hungry, one is not. One is happy, one is not. One is desiring and wanting, but the trouble music in his ears keeps on haunting. The wins, losses, tragedies and comedies, the fights and surrenders, the worst and the wonders, God knows all. The destiny of all is in his hands. But how much more patience of Almighty on burning issues can this in so many ways handicapped man, a traumatized one, withstand? If God knows the As to Zs of this so-called gift of his to us, why doesn’t he make us understand its value, its importance, its greatness or its burden to us? Why can’t he say that for all in this life I don’t have a share of surplus? This life is a crazy bean one should not eat, it’s a mistake, some wish never to repeat. God is one, he made so many but his designs were not equal for all having unlimited shades from tragedy, comedy, irony which at last on combination appear very funny. God knows all, he knows the pain behind the pleasures, he knows the tragedies coming after the fun. He knows the cunningness of man and better still is aware of his foolishness. But after making it up can God again afford a backup plan to apply and save the so many he made from life, for life, the biggest mess. I think God knows all and out of due respect for his intelligence and wisdom, I leave the matter of man and life solely to him. And I am more than assured that he will not let us down so soon. Because all agree to his wishes and abide by his rules. Because it’s man mortal again who needs to be taken care of whether he is a small,clever one or a big unsuspecting, fool.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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