Love Needs No Special Moment

Earth, our only abode. A humble one, our dear home which is always a matter of the heart. We are the creations of our Almighty and we have vowed to serve him till the last from the start. Earth is a paradise city to get lost in, to value the precious gems that it gives to one and all without any wish for an exchange in return. But then why do some make things go the haphazard way, wrong to be precise, letting down the angel, making the devil sit on our hearts. We do crazy stuff, hurt ourselves and our world, the ultimate miracle for us. We don’t try to change the fate lines of our destiny, we don’t make a way for darkness to vanish and let in the weather of love, all bright and sunny. The world has a balance pedal which has to be controlled by man himself and no one else by all maneuvers, as they are all in only his control. But man does not do the do, he lets hatred, jealousy, vice and all ill forces come in. It’s a pity that man unknowingly commits this sin. Whether black or blue, man must struggle to keep himself and his humble abode from being harmed, mauled, disturbed. He is the one who can all problems from earth finally curb. One thing which is a real gift from God and which has never seriously crossed the heart of man is something called love. Love is what you make of it but in simple terms, it is a simple feeling, innocent enough to bind hearts and make things right, without shedding blood, without fighting a fight. Love is a positive aspect which reflects goodness and joys for free around, makes things safe and sound. Love is so pure, yet very cheap, it gives harvests of prosperity to reap. Love needs no pomp and propaganda, it just can change things for best on your agenda. Love is a fresh breeze, it can always put a smile on your face, it will always please. Love is a bright sunshine, it is so genuine to man and so kind. Love teaches us good life lessons, it always brings togetherness in all seasons. It always is so true to man for no specific reason. Love happens when a boy finds something uniquely special about a girl, love blesses and passes by when there seem to be scattered around diamonds and pearls. Love happens when the innocent eyes of a newborn and his giggle cause a great feeling, a special flutter in the heart of a mother and she comes to respect her motherhood with pride. Love comes around when in a bride’s ear rings an oath of togetherness, loyalty, and trust which her groom takes and they wish for a world of love and bliss together never to be apart from one another. Love does not need a time, any special day to make its specialty felt. Love is just a simple thing, but it makes every human being special. It is a garden of flowers, has got unconditional powers, always does some good, if it comes your way, decorates silvery starry nights, ushers in wonderful bright days. It gives you the ultimate meaning for which you live, it finds new paths for you to walk. It gives you many wonderful memories to in your hearts and minds lock. Love is special but never does want any praise for it, it just wants to keep things working for a balanced well being.It wants to see and grant good days and life for everyone on earth. It does not need any mention, any special moment for recognition. It is a matter of joys and paradise, feels for every minute, every second, it is surely a matter of beautiful celebrations. Don’t forget love, it is very close to you. You may keep it in your heart or leave it behind, it’s your choose.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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