Love is forever

Hi there, beings of the World. We are all children of God, his creations. We are the ‘big brothers’ when it comes to be capable of above-world wonders. But is it true really? Are we truly justifying this fact or do we still need to walk the remaining distance for it? Can we as beings of good brotherhood swear and say that we have never committed a mistake, a blunder or a silly, shitty crime? We cannot say affirmative. And we know why. No mortal of any condition, shape or color is perfect enough to say that he or she is free from confessionals and has never done anything wrong in this life. What binds us in bonds of living like friendship, love, brotherhood and humanity? What is it? What is there to be felt sometimes which stops us from committing another mistake, a big one which could spiral life haywire and lead to a big nasty accident? It’s a small word, maybe came with Adam and Eve, the firsts on earth or maybe arrived with a slight wind when Pandora’s Box was sadly opened, to counterbalance the effect. It sure has the power to make amends for us because we don’t, to stop wreck biz, to end the world from dissipating, to come in between destruction and humanity and be a savior, a true one. And yes this heavenly, little word is love. This word has power, real one and it sure yields it rightly. You can see differences brought about, generally with a positive hue of mammoth sizes if you use it even slightly. A pure innocent feeling, a true one bright and right. Don’t know sprang from what. But sure was mighty special and will continue to be so forever and ever, for all eternity to go or stay and come what may. Love is the best feeling as innocent as the dewdrops on the petals of a rose flower or the smile of a newborn, the prayer of a sister for his warring brother or the wishes of a mother for her ailing son. However bad the situations may become, love is awesome for true ones and will always stay at position number one. Love was alive, is and always will be an active force in this world which will help to nurture and nourish it, give it a great meaning, make it special in every sense and will be a gorgeousness to sinfully indulge in. We as humans, boys or girls, men or women have done their duties well of loving and living together but sometimes this rhythm has also been broken. Can we know how bad a girl feels when she is deceived in a relation? Only she can know it best. How does a boy feel when he is cheated by a friend he believed was his best one? What is the feeling in the hearts of old parents who are put into old age homes knowing they have got healthy and able children? We don’t even spare innocent animals for fulfilling our mad motives. We kill stray animals without any reason as holy as even cows saying they have no use anymore. We sometimes showcase a very harsh side of us which does not make anyone proud, none to be sure. We cheat, we kill, we torture, we rampage, we rape, we do seriously silly things for which we aren’t even ashamed of. So we break the good rhythm. It degrades whole of humanity and makes angels shed pitiful tears which fall on our destinies soaking and making it darker, complicated and damper. Why do we do these messy things which by no way measure up to humanitarian standards? It’s surely a shoddy malpractice committed by shitty humans who have lost their minds and sold their souls. We sadly don’t see the difference between good and bad lives which we get based on our own actions. We show cruelty and stubbornness and don’t change. I, on my part and in my perspective am ready to change for all the good things that God wants from me. When we change we will feel strangely ┬ábenefited. Love wants to settle forever in our lives and hearts making a permanent settlement. It wants to become a constant with us so that we can experience memorable and beautiful changes throughout our lives. Love is a beautiful thing. It can make us see majestic views which are not visible without it’s help. It has magical powers to change and revolutionize this world only for the better and best. Love brings people together, binds their hearts beautifully so they feel connected to one another with a solid reason. If one cries the other feels the pain, if one laughs, the other feels the pleasure. It unites, it celebrates lovely moments making life just a wonderful celebration which is undefinable and worthy of all value. Love is unique, timeless, it’s forever. The elements of love mix keep balancing life as a paradise for lovers, friends, family, every mortal, every speck and everything and even after the end it stays like an essence to make moments, times, the entire universe scented and blessed with a purity and divinity to be cherished, enjoyed and remembered. Love is forever. It is to stay if you will allow it to. And it is truly the best magic ever could happen to you. Feel it, live in it, with it, around it and my dear ignorant mortal become eternally beautiful by embracing it. To live and last forever inside you empowering you with bliss, beauty, a sane purpose in life and surrounding you with joys and good vibes.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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