Paradise City

Oh, it’s such a morning, birds singing in their melodious tunes, the light rays of the sun giving a golden touch to the little sand dunes, the dew drops adding beauty to the flowers. It’s great to see nature’s such wonderful show of power. I just stand and stare at the variety of flora and fauna and feel that natural beauty has totally enhanced my persona. Sometimes the wind blows mild, sometimes strong. Captivated my heart beats go ding dong. Of a sudden, I am prepared to sing a beautiful song. The show of power and beauty is vividly seen through mother nature. God provided for the human race and to grace it with happiness and perfection gave us nature as his completing signature. Flowers bloom in variety, the green grass looks so fresh, the air has the sweet scent of sand. I just pluck a rose and admire the charisma of nature,  feeling awestruck as the rose brims bright, in my hand. Well, this was the morning, now sun smiles brighter and hey, it’s a full day starting to show up its face. I again feel that we must thank God for giving us so much joy with utmost grace. The people of this world work hard here with great zeal and enthusiasm and a spontaneous self they keep. They are here to make up for losses and make a smile decorate every face that weeps. They are here to help all, even if the way to being good is steep. They are always with the best qualities and never are creepy cheaps. The beauty of humanity is seen when the little face of a baby smiles with innocence, the qualities of people glow and provide the needed essence to make everything the best. The cooperation and congeniality amongst all is the reason they have never faced downfall. Everyone is perfecting with beauty and eager to perform, these people have the power to take up the universe by storm and make right every wrong. The confetti of colors of us all looks so admirable because they have got the vivid qualities which are spread here hither and thither, eyes sparkle with the hope of success and these people are always with strength and surety. They are the best together and that can be seen with utmost clarity. Mother earth provides to shelter us in her comforting embrace and we also promise that we will live with power, goodness, and grace. I look at the world, the ways and processes inspiring customs, culture, which leaves me enraptured. The inner and outer beauty of every being reflects bright. Everything is beautiful, it is totally great and all is right. There are problems though but there are voices to take care of them for sure. After seeing this and feeling the magical moments, I thought that I am lucky to have made with God the treaty to be living in this one and only beautiful paradise city. The world, our home is the one paradise city I am talking about. It gives us great gifts and has many more about which we can talk lots. It’s the perfection point and best shot by God at creating something superb. And we can give it a beauty cut by our little efforts to make it a paradise city like none so that God can say well, my creation was great but the work of these little masters is awesome. Thanks, my children. I am proud of you.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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