We want one badly, when we get one, we live both happily and sadly. At one time we wanted it, now we would exchange it for something else gladly. There is everything here every element of interest. Yet we are unsatisfied in our quest. We work hard to pass but sometimes fail in this test. Here we come, stand on our feet, ¬†grow and die. Yet there continuously remain many where’s and whys. From a garden of flowers to ugly calamity showers. There are some who bask in the golden success and some are left to get a hold in struggling hours. All the five elements of universe have here a respected and important place. But at times they become cruel and leave their grace . Life is good, bad together. It’s just one, you cannot have another. We are here to understand our roles and be performers. We cannot be total transformers. From the super festivals, celebrations, wins and tsunamis, there is pleasure and a lot of agony. People go crazy for one thing or another but to change for the better they do not bother. Nature and the balance of our beautiful world sometimes goes haywire. There are floods, famines and fires. We want to stop the sufferings we want to bring peace. But we cannot do that until we get cut into many a piece. Why are there so many cries and so much trouble. The cruelty in humans we don’t try to lose it. If we have any goodness at needed times we defuse it. Why is there a poor and a rich, why is there a beauty and a bitch, why is there no place for some and for some a carved and cosy niche. We learn from big books yet cannot be called educated. In some people’s heart we are loved and in some hated. Life teaches us to endure pain and then also smile. It makes us feel it’s importance. It tries to make us worthy and get some substance. Life is a struggle at times fun-filled, yet a painful journey to quickly reach an end of happiness. It is a test which proves the importance of sustenance. We see so many colors from pink to black. But in our efforts we must not lack. To live a life being kind is what is needed. This must in every persons head be feeded. Love life even when you cry and do not refrain to try doing a thing your heart wants to and surely you will get your reward. Life is gory, gloomy yet gorgeous together. If you get to live it right you get to get a golden feather. You should not fret, worry or be sad. Life is to see good also if bad. Life is one, it’s precious for all. When you accept it you become tall. We so much terror at times created by people. We do not understand what to do. The killings and atrocity are in full generosity. We cannot stop it, it is our state of pity. Sometimes we cannot complete our duty. We are left to the mercy of God. We get no satisfaction from the beastly actions. But we continue to live and even forgive someone not so kind. But despite the wrongness some are right. And we must keep on wishing for a future bright. Life is a mix of elements so never leave the living -it sentiment. Life is one its all the very much precious. You cannot imagine how much but don’t worry, try to be perfect in living it as such.


Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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