Plastic Love

The day was special, it brought the two together. It changed their lives, their destinies , philosophies and weathers. It was pure as perfection, solid as steel. It put them on super high clouds with best feels. It gave them what all they had ever wanted and more, it was their cure to get rid of diseases they wished their worlds did not give them. It kind of, according to them kept them away from malicious mayhem. Now Jim and Jana were truly in love, true to the core. They were the best love duo of the town . And their love was so pure, pure, well, umm, oh. I am not sure. Jim and Jana were so perfectly passionate in their business. The business they found was true in its soul, it’s depth, the business of taking care and feeling for someone other than self, the business which puts a man apart from his line and makes him a Good Samaritan. But from when did come up cracks somewhere, when did the roses dry and the sweet smells disappear? When did the lights of the sky start to take up a lightning form and from when did sweet music ringing in the ears go harsh and metallic? From when light whisps of hatred started to smother their hearts and from when did the selfless feels get that touch of selfishness. It was sad though real. Identifiable yet unexplainable. They could no longer feel together in love, in compassion, a beautiful creation was going to die, a sweet relationship was going to perish. The darkness had surrounded their weak, mouldable selves. They needed no better sounding help. Jim felt feelings of anger for Jana for a foul reason. Jana felt gone had now all glories, all the good life -lots of love season. Jim and Jana could not stop the sprouting of envy and enmity in their souls. Who in heavens or worlds could show that they were going wrong, haywire was what their story sounded. They had by devilish designs been surrounded. The days kept passing, the love kept getting lost, the season said summers but their heart was getting covered with more n more frost. Love was dying a silent death. The two could not find pure breaths. Life was taking a weird dead turn. Their hearts were suffering the painful love burns. One cold, silent frightful day came which brought love and its eternal history total shame Jim aimed a bullet at Jana and Jana too threw a dagger at Jim. Thus came an end to a beautiful start and completed was the evil design of sin. Love had brought them together, given them a whole new start, a whole new story. It had opened glorious chapters in their lives for which they now felt sorry. Love was lost , hatred had won, darkness had got a chance, gone down had the sun. Beauty had died , beast had risen, this love had no substance it had proved to be very artificial. This story drove no joy wagons, nor brought happiness messengers with it. It was plastic love which had developed in bubbles. It was plastic love which had brought troubles. It was wrong, it was vogue, it was superficial and strange, it was an easy bait for two souls to fall into a trap laid down successfully by a wicked someone. It was strongly tempting and sounded and felt awesome. But sure it had no truth in it, no reason, it did not have respect for anyone, nor anything, it was not a friend of the human being. It was a sheer shame that had befallen mankind in the form of love between Jim and Jana. It was plastic, plastic, plastic love. None of it is good for you none ever, says the Almighty from above. They bothered, they cared, but they were not spared. Destiny’s wicked trick had got them this time. And plastic love had shown its ugly face damning mankind’s love lines.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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