Aunt Scowly and Aunt Smiley

One says oh it is so good to be that ways and one says oh why can’t there be more proper and better days. One of them has the whole morning dancing on her fingertips and one did not ever know how to be happy and gay. They were always together yet never in peace, well one gave the biggest smile and one the biggest frown when asked to say, cheese. They were twins with different roles in life to play. One spread the sermon of happy starts and joyous endings and one just could not stop scowling and fretting away. Well, Aunt Scowly and Smiley were cousin sisters to name the relation, the only common thing between them. But no one day passed without an episode in comedy and mayhem. Aunt Scowly was the angry type, passing orders and carrying the ‘oh I am so superior’ air around her while Aunt Smiley was also busy bringing down borders and trying to make everyone smile and trying to shed the loads of problems of others. Aunt Scowly was always ordering and commanding trying to be in the leader’s role a lot too deep. She could not understand that life gives you many good things if you can keep a kind self. She did not understand that at cross junctions of good and bad ways, your correct self-was the best help. Aunt Smiley, on the other hand, was so famous for her sunrise smile because when she smiled it just brought a sunrise full golden and so full of spirits. The spirit of life, to live, to work, to see and to feel the goodness showers of God who had in mind everyone’s life and well being. She was so kind and so compassionate, she was loved by all and never came in anyone’s dictionary for her the word’ hate.’Both were twin sisters but both were so far away in Gods designs of life. They were so parallel and so wrong-right. They had different songs to sing, they blew different winds, they were so easy to distinguish by the wise, one was so helping and kind, one always had to think and get things otherwise. Aunt Smiley made a mark in her life she rose high in the hearts of people and in glory’s list line. She rose high and higher to dazzle, sparkle and shine. Aunt Scowly was frustrated in her own desires and shapes, attitudes and understanding she could tell one thing for sure-I am the world standing alone. All wanted to help her and somewhere all loved her also but she could not have it right for her anyhow. She tried to soul search, she was dissatisfied, she was terrified and she found life too heavy for her stooped shoulders to carry. She was all alone and she just tried to fight for herself, her life and tried very hard without any positive result in the sands of time. Scowly and Smiley were two sides of the same coin. They depicted two ways and two directions of life and living. One walked on a path which gave her what she wanted and which really made her feel life and living a bit too well, one walked on a path which was not at all easy and one made a destiny for her which was not at all forgiving.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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