The world is my stage

So here comes the time of life, here comes the moment of glory. I am starting to find my feet, I have awakened from deep slumber. I was never a lowlife but the situations not in favour of me presented me as such. But I thank God for burning the fire of power and sense into me again, I thank God so much. The world is my stage, I am and so are all others the performers in the play of life. The world has bound us in chains of existence, we are just drowsy ¬†puppets who are dragged all along the way to reach the long destination. In us, in our hearts we feel a mixture of various wanted and unwanted sensations. But keeping all aside we have to be unbiased about our feelings for life, we have to keep it under wraps whether it is bad or nice. So many bonds are there in life which on one hand attract on the other bring hatred for life. But we have to prove our mettle anyhow and come up in full heart and full piece on the stage to show our program. You have to reduce distractions and set on fire your charm. World is big, wide, hazardous and unforgiving. We as humans have to know this and be totally promising. Come, show your talent and take away those appreciating applause’s. Come again if you have a new story. World is moving, moving, moving and we are supposed to groove and appreciate this game of life. We have to nicely understand that it is one-sixth good and five-sixth bad. I have also come to shake the system, to break the barriers to my happiness and my peace. I have come to kiss my life and make it more a part of my interest towards living. I have come to take my motor of talent on it, never letting it to silently stand. World was created by the wisest and all things we experienced in our lives is the test given to be passed in by the wise man. He said do all you can and then if you get some time, try to understand it. World tells us to keep on being on the move, on the move towards destiny whose key is hidden somewhere in yourself and you can know it if you are your own best help. Crazy or cool, clever or fool, essence or poison, your effort and your self is your key to lifedom. You can know that if you stop all stops and if you move all works so do not stop over your path, you can always make it to some where good. But if you accept your fate, you lose your name in God’s golden book. Be the tremor, be the scent, be the rain and be the snow, be everything and make your life flow. There can come big disturbances and big boulders to stop you but what if you can show them your power and just be through. Dazzle, shine, move, dance, glitter and triumph. One makes through even if there are ugly bumps. The story’s line is your magic if you can create it well. Otherwise who bothers about who in this world, where one day shows heaven and one night hell. It’s man and his matter that drives the world’s logic. So world is waiting to see your beautiful wings flatter them well, fly high and prove yourself as a successful being.


Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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