Call of the wind

Days pass, pass months and years. Grow in it the bubbly bears. They get caught in the special web of life. They are experiencing the growth phenomenon. They are being made into strong powers. They are being programmed into action to avoid and face life’s bad calamity showers. They are the youth of today. The young generation, a class with its own energy, vigour, a federation. They are going to be the future of tomorrow, the hope of the times. They need to be made into mortal men very fine. They are the torchbearers, the life supporters, the protectors and the creators of every success story and every new level trodden. They are going to be the new downloads of destiny on their path to glory. They must though know their roles to play and the paths to carve. They must come out of all narrow bars placed in life by the mindless. They need to great qualities, strength and courage possess. They are here for a purpose, a mission which would be impossible without their direction. They are here to answer the call of the wind. The winds of time, of uncertainty, calls them to action-to get prepared, to leave no stone unturned. It wants to see how from copper they turn into gold when in powers of wisdom they burn. They are here the Godsend messengers of Christ. They are the new messiahs of this dying world. They are the birds of hope, the subject which has got scope, they are the new dream merchants. The youth of today is the light of the dark tunnel. It is the best channel of advancement, improvement and success that we are witness to with bare eyes in this life. They are the power beacons which sound loud and spark bright. They are going to show the world a direction, they are going to end all unwanted destruction. Youth of today are the only hope we can cherish for the good of the world. We can find the full universe’s power in a single boy or girl. The youth of today have been sent here on their destination to save mankind from the ugly fates superimposed by its own wrongdoing and efforts. Youth can be for the planet, the best-given comforts. Youth of today are not just something you can ignore and miss. Youth of today are the true heroes who will be designed soon into action. The action that will rock the world to the tune of success, they will make the times a happening thing. They will create a new genre of superior human beings on which all the universe will applaud and the Gods will bless. They are the ones who will pass all ultimate tests and in whom all the controls of power will rest. They have listened to the call of wind, they are preparing themselves to charge into action. They will be the best ones to the highest degree of satisfaction. Winds of times, the winds of supernatural powers are calling them, giving them their jobs and pulling them on their fee, they are the ones who will with courage all adversity meet. The youth of today are ones who need to take the world on a ride. They are the ones who are always going to be winners on their sides. Because they have all good qualities that are needed to be a class apart. They are ultimately very serious and smart, knowing life’s art well. They are the ones in whom the God’s ultimately dwell. So youth of today come on, gear up to action, take the challenges, work up well and dedicate it all to the welfare of mankind. Go make history, conquer the battlefield, have the best health, heart, spirits and the best minds. With which you rock the show of life great. And the creator Almighty has to say,’well I created something better than my taste!’

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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