My brother-1

Hello and hi, I am so happy and fine. Because I have got a wonderful bro. He is always so yes-yes and never a no-no. He is Munnu as we call him in love. He is the messenger of universal peace sent by God from above. He is the sweetest baby brother ever can be. I bless him infinite times because he fills my heart with so much glee. Never can you find a guy so handsome yet so docile, he is the carrier of all goodies in himself, he carries self in substance and style. He is my little giant Notonimus as I call him, he is the chotu of the house. He is a wonderful magic boy who glows like an angel at night, but you won’t catch easily that sight. He is the celebration and festivity of our simple lives. I will say that I love him and bless him,’oh so many you can’t count it ‘times. He is the best boy in the whole world. He is a bravado and a big fiesta for all people because he is loved by all and firstly by Lord Shiva who gave him the name of Priyam (everyone’s loved one). Bro is wonderful, he is so sweet, cute and a little object of our fascination.

My Brother-2.

My bro wonderful, my bro handsome, my bro big and tall, my bro outstanding of them all. My bro like a foreign hotshot, hero, my bro who can never lose, always is a picture-perfect shot, my bro the best of bests, what not? My bro dedicated, my bro rightfully in the middle of our hearts located. My bro efficient, my bro always hundred per cent. My bro, the beauty and magic combination. My bro, the one, bravo with courage and determination, my bro lovely and profound, my bro please God take care of him, keep him safe and sound. My bro the fashionable jigsaw, fitting rightfully in the’ oh, fashion is everything equation of life’. My bro very much proper, very much spirited, very much capable and alive. My bro humorous, my bro musical, my bro always very capable. My bro sweetest and my bro has just one concern, ‘Dids come down to forty from eighty’.My bro, kind ocean of love, a humble sweetheart. Till the end, he makes the best part of our life story from the start. My bro, dear to me and my family. My bro every good quality is inside him. My bro a proud citizen and a going to be a great successful man. My bro-may God give you all and more in life and give you a chance to fly as high as you can. My bro- the most attractive object of our attention. My bro the best unsurpassable one in wits, wisdom and talent. God will bless you like his own special child and let He teach you acts of greatness and extraordinariness which will make you the best always in life. We are so thankful to you because you are the mercy angel who made our lives better and nice. My bro- Priyam is the best because come any hurdle, obstacle, ups and downs, he touches the finishing lines of perfectness and completeness and never takes a rest. Never. One with such a good mind and heart is sure to cut down barriers between ‘not doing’and ‘doing’,between ‘believing and doing’and what not. I am happy and thankful to God because by his grace only the best brother in the ¬†whole world I got.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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