My heart says

There is one and only one life. We gotta make it all bright and right. We got so much to know, so much to share it’s the right time to prepare. For the coming moments, for the sparks to glitter and for the magic to happen, to glorify all the gloomy corners darkened and blackened further. My heart says we must know the system of existence. My heart says we must care for the tendency of goodness. We must come to know that there is a need for sincerity and straightness. My heart says, let all be made to feel the power of being united and free. My heart says let all be thankful for all the joys and jest to the Almighty. My heart says there is the need to recognise the dove sitting on the moon, there is a need for humanity and true selves to cover all existences soon. My heart says we are the new chicks in life’s continent, we have to prove that we are worthy hundred percent. My heart says every living being should see the colourful kites of hope, love and logic flying in the sky. It says every hope and every effort should be bold, brave, powerful and not shy. My heart says, I  want to see the true beauty of this world, I want to feel like diamonds or pearls. My heart says I want to keep on doing the rightmost deeds and that also without any delay. My heart says I never with my conscience, my power and my potential want myself to betray. My heart says why not color the world in twenty colors and put every anxiety at rest. My heart says, why not with conviction, with true substances, with power-packed performance pass the ultimate test. My heart says, let me give voice and space to the desires, dreams and aspirations of some poor souls. My heart says, let me become the saviour of this race and create for every one worthy wholes and play out of all the best role. There has come the little angel of God in the form of that little shoeless girl sitting near the temple. She says everything in this world is got by greatness which is got by being just helping and simple. So do justice, show mercy and be kind to your advantage. Do not gather materialistic,uncelebrated dirty garbage. My heart says there is a path made or created by the mortal. My heart says every man can be the icon of greatness, the living legend, the worthy portal. My heart says, there is a need to change for the good. My heart says, there is the need to add another story to life’s books. My heart says sow the seeds of destiny by your own hands. My heart says create the shower of glory in those dying spiritless sands. My heart says remove all shackles, let the new being come out safe to move with power and poise, here in the world, pour out such magic that you create the greatest show in front of which even the mightiest have to bow. The power should be unleashed, the tears wiped. It’s time to do the deed, the time is ripe. My heart says, know the rightmost story and help all elements to become safe from dangers. My heart says tell everyone that to the flutterings of right desires, good dreams and a great destiny, don’t be a nobody or a stranger. My heart says be your own self always and see in time that this identity very positively for you pays. Brighten your life, make it best. Persevere and endure to succeed in life’s test.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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