The sun is on my side

Life is unique in every of its aspects and angles. It has left me sometimes in great cosiful comforts, sometimes in hellish situations intertwined and entangled. With all goodies galore and all promises of well being comes also the side of shades which need great qualities, strength and morality to be made successful in a human being. I am a mortal man with a turbulent and mystical lifespan. I can now feel the flow of real life in my veins, I cannot say that it does not give me pains. I have had to strain eyes beyond visionary levels to see the solution to abnormal upheavals and I have had to bear enormous torture inside my heart and mind to get to some solution and I have had to bear the grind. Life is pleasure and pain together, there can be none moments which have altogether provided you with smiles. There are some which have forced you to do a bargain and look back with disdain. I am a young man who has lost his life so to speak because life means family to me. Well I am kind of dead meat, because the only thing of past that I remember today I don’t want to repeat. The universe has been a conspirator for sure leaving me with diseases deadly and disastrous which have no cure. I had a family as beautiful as the angels of paradise, who were to me boons of joys.Well I lost my only precious treasure, my family in some unlucky moment and now I live with the pains and pressures, all the stuffs which are my fortunes integral components. I was a happy man to have loved ones, a loving family and everything falling in place after the world’s messing up was over. But I could not understand what lay in the hearts of my disguised foe, God alone who made me a handicap to life, he left me at one point of time with nothing good nothing nice. Life is a tempting dish only you should refrain from it if you want to survive. I know that all good souls are given a second chance. So now along with the realisation of my losses i.e my family , my health, my fortunes and treasures of satisfaction, I now know that with a renewed spirit, I will live. I will find out ways and better days. I will survive to see some thing good happen to me. If it will not come for free I will work for it in the land of Almighty wishing good for all brethren alike. I now know that you live only until you want to,  you live with joys when your spirits fly and when they shy to life, you die. I now know that what is past was bad, it was painful but still I have a life in me, which tries to live and share my sorrows so that I can become capable again, to fulfill the unfulfilled dreams, desires, wishes of my loved ones and to work in the name of goodness. I now know that the tides have wrecked the ship but the captain still lives, I know that this morning has left me smothered or has made me wiser, it wants that I live, that I work , that I smile again. I know today that the world may or may not be but the sun is on my side and I have to go on a new ride to destinations new, hopefully beautiful and inviting. Because the fire to live, struggle, fight and win in me is again igniting, again igniting.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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