Pearly Queen

Pearls, pearls and beautiful pearls all around, its the pearly queen there who when comes on earth makes it the best show to be held with open eyes. Pearly queen is so very beautiful. She is the beauty bundle which is always working for things right and true. She emanates colours red, green, yellow and blue. Pearly queen’s presence is profound. She comes with two reindeers and a pearly carriage which when stops there comes a pearly rain and pearls get dropped out to make for some people a profitable gain. Pearly queen is a problem solver she is a joy maker, she is the pearl treasure’s prime caretaker. In the pearl treasure, there is much glory and glitter but it will go to one who will not be a cheater. Every heart’s voice is heard by the pearly queen, she is so calm, cool and serene. Pearly queen likes to wear Big Pearl Wonderful on her hair. She puts on the pearl powder which makes her fair. Pearly Queen is romantic at heart and she is very smart. She comes to planet earth two times a year and at this time brings lots of happiness in the life of people of the world. Pearly Queen rewards some punishes others but she never goes back without a gift for all. The best gift she gives one is her Pearl Brooch which when worn by one will make his life awesome. So all just wait and bother and work until all become best in their ways and when pearly queen leaves this world all shed tears for this beautiful pearly girl. Pearly queen is loved and adored and she is an angel in disguise. She makes the world a better place. She takes in the hearts of people the central place.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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