The porridge pot

I was in a dream, dreaming of daisies and dolls when suddenly I found myself in a different world. Well it was called Wonder Power World in which to live would be the dream of every boy and girl. It was made of chocolate cookies and pastries, everything in it seemed to be a mystery. There were little houses made of chocolate cakes , puddings and every flower was made of jelly buns. Oh, I felt here so goody-goody. I walked here and there and saw a big house made of ice cream and chocolates. It was bigger than others, I wished at that very moment,that I must call my mother and tell how to make similar great stuff for me and thus make me feel glee. When I entered the house came out a big fellow with the head like a box and the body of an ox. He gave me a shock but he presented me a beautiful frock filled with frills and which put me in thrills. There lived a boy, a girl, a mother and a father. I wondered that whether for them I would pose to be a bother, but they welcomed me with open arms and knew they were attracted  by my charm. I saw the sun, moon, stars, galaxies and planets playing in the garden and this sight was something you do not come to see often. I felt hungry and saw near me a porridge pot in which was lots of porridge sweet and hot. As I put it in my mouth it started to glow and I could see its reflection in the pond. I saw that from a girl in blacks I  changed into a blonde. I grew taller in height and got powers big, bold and bright. Now I felt like I was going to sleep but suddenly I started to fly. All the animals and birds smiled at me and I got wings of gold. I admired the beauty around. I started to like this place. It was better than any picnic spot. It was the best out of any lot. When I  came back at the wonder house the porridge was flowing out fast and still it did not end. The pot said smiling that if I ate porridge two times saying, taste it twister, its better and better’ it would give me all powers and I could top in exams, become more generous and be happy all the time. But if I did not say these words the porridge would keep on flowing. I  took the porridge pot home and passed days many without problems any. But one day the pot was taken by my maid. She broke it into two pieces and in front of her came a little pixie. His name was Trixie. Pixie Trixie glowed bright orange, red, yellow and came to my window. It said that it was now going home. He gave me a magical ring saying that I was a very good lass and that he would again come to play with me. He finally said byo byo ho ho. And my room got filled with many presents and gifts. I cried for him and then stopped. I   saw that from my bed with a thud I had dropped. The dream like the porridge pot broke but it made me feel great in one big stroke. So dream dreams and don’t forget them. Cherish them, preserve them and if possible make them real. Feel them and enjoy those feels. With true efforts and work enjoy goodness of life and with a smile and kiss give them a seal. Dreams are waiting, push up and work to convert them to reality . Be a supernatural being with millions of great qualities.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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