Catch the tune

World is in a steady motion so why can’t that be the point with our emotions. World is a stage you perform whether being free or in a cage. You have to command, demand and also have to surrender, for once you will have to be a thunder before other things you wonder. The earth moves and dissipates, so does every other element. We have to keep on being actors whether we get or do not get a compliment.

I am confused sometimes about many things but then that is a quality, that has made us different maybe not that perfect human beings. At times comes sweet smell of roses and then the rotten one of stuff that takes away all respect and puts every situation and everything associated with life blacklisted and under suspicious settings. Do I know everything, what more is there to explore, sometimes life’s arrangements for stuff excites sometimes it bores.

But hey soul, do not play foul. Try to gather meaning and substance. For every shit, do not make yourself in this worldly set-up a misfit. When I look around me, I sometimes am filled with grievances, sometimes glee. Because the competition is tough for everything with a life to come in the bracket of toppers. That is, in positions either one or two or three. Poor of the lot have more handicaps. But I would like to give them loads of joy as tips. Well, what can I do does not count now? But I wish and aspire to do something at which all will say  ‘Bravo’.

An infant wakes up after a good nap with vomit and shit around him, but he still is happy. Chuckling and cheering without any concerns and free from sin. A little child who has to go to school outwardly appears cool but is nervous inside. Anxious about many new things and experiences, he is more than ready to fit in a successful tact. A young man, ambitious and smart, has the tension of fitting in. He knows that if he does not work hard nothing for him will be waiting.

A lady has to be concerned about her family. On the whole, everyone with growing and enlarging senses has to come out of that narrower mindset. Everyone has a responsibility and if he is able to discharge it, he has got a genuine quality. I am a little confused, a little amused, I have to find out my ways and beat them up to strength and solidity. Days, nights, years, centuries, everyone should come out and prove a point rather than be a sorry story.

Let us all know our duties. Let us fill with joys our booties. Let us all give a thumbs up of surety. Let us give an impression of maturity. Let there be a perfect system of existence where all are worthy, leaving ideas and habits which are filthy. Everybody be aware, informed about your life and surroundings, and polish and create a more active sense. Let us all catch life’s tunes. Not late, never late but pretty soon, pretty soon.


Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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