Mr. Perfect

We try all stuff, the paths to traverse in life are rosy and rough. We may get contracted, distracted by this and that, but a man wants to make a successful history. We as humans want to everything acquire. For that, we do perspire but do we do all that which is altogether rightfully required? A struggler is a definite winner. He can get all the glam and shimmer. A hero wants to get a good movie to work in, a fatty wants to get thin, a baby wants to know all he can, he wants to become a mighty great man. So all do deeds to get ranked in the best creed and become the best of breeds but it should not become a desire of the big greed. A girl wants to look beautiful but she forgets that she has also to be dutiful. There are wonderful things but we deserve it only when we can become true human beings. Man at one time or another gets surrounded by the black devil, who pretends to be a friend. And makes man commit mistakes that he will find difficult later to amend. World is getting limited because ideas or established gospels are being malpractised or maltreated. We are dying for just the stuff of false gold which in its superficiality is truly bold, we are becoming purely¬†mechanical and artificial. God made one world and wanted to see all good designs gain prominence but sadly he could not let it get an existence because the world is handled by more bitter elements than the goodness. World is becoming a busy place with the progress of devils and demons. Where do we see rightness or greatness survive in style? We are all lost and cannot see the destination just ahead a mile, a mile. We have no reason to smile, celebrate, we should work faster or it all becomes too late. Let us get united against the evils that came from a curse. Let’s try to wounds of this world nurse. Let us see the rightful scene, let us understand God’s logic, let us create such a sentiment that we become nostalgic, let us erase all pain, tragic. Let us make the world a place perfect, let us create with our effort, a situation, a way of life, a state and stuff that makes it the best gift to mankind. Let us create such situations that all can get satisfied and never tired, all become ‘the perfects, they¬†become the bests ever could have been created, a powerful potential that could destroy all the devilishness and wrongness. Let us create a scene where every season is spring, every corner is purified, every being is a thing to be noticed for sure, every disease has a cure, every act is that of prominence, there is of goodness a full dominance and there are only joys. Every child is happily engaged with his toy, there is all opportunity and power. No one ever has to settle in less, life will not be a mess. Life becomes a flower garden, no one by his or her acts on another becomes a burden. There are only fancy things rolling by. There is in every being power to feel, feel only good. There is a chapter for everyone in God’s book. Every one adorns a hopeful look and world gets united by the power of goodness that the roots of evilness are permanently shaken. Man becomes capable of everything. Everything gains a proper place because of man. Man becomes better and best than ever anyone could be. He wins the bet. Everything for him is finally sure set. He comes up being Mr.Perfect.


Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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