Connection to the existing superpower, God

I was brought into this world wonderful or not by the all powerful and all knowing-pervading universal superpower -God. He had my destiny in designs well printed on the lines of my hand. I was the successful survivor to come out alive from a small secure, loved world to a big messy and dangerous one. It brought a celebration time so that all in my family said-hands up for a high five. Despite getting everything in this life I felt incomplete and unnatural and thought that would have been complete if had got powers supernatural. I felt something lacking, something not in order and fine ways. I wondered when would these days of gloom pass letting in brighter life’s golden rays. I was tensed and stressed because the superficial wonders and do called beauties of the world failed to attract me. I wondered very often what was wrong with my strength and spirits. I was a citizen and a person very class apart and very much deserving all merits. But still, I felt lonely as a black cloud on a spring day, a lonely child on the dusking and receding bay. I was down and out surely in every way. Then one night in my dreams God appeared himself and talked to me. He said, all world is tricky, a mix of truth and lies and very much unobservant. It is ruled by chaos and prejudices, no one knows how many get luck’s slaps or destiny’s kisses. World is a mixture of good and bad. It is the reason that you are not happy and so sad. But you must be happy for one thing that you are a   do-gooder soul sent by the divine forces to do some good to this world and its ignorant souls. You are a good one and that should automatically drown the dark clouds of despair and bring the sunrise of your spirit’s sun. You feel bad because you see only the negative things. But you must also see the goodness, the positively of nature and your own personal role in making the world a better place and it will ultimately make you a complete human being. So do not fret, regret because the sun has only set for some time to again bring a glorious morning rich with the goodness of God’s elements and wishes. If ever you go down in your blues , just shirk those bad forces away and remember the yesterday that you made nicer and better, think of today when you work hard and harder to achieve more. When you fight hard and feel the vigour and power that your small self-carries. Have a pride stuff in your eyes because it justifies the bravery and fighter attitude that you have carried throughout when you were alive and the grace and grit with which you will die. Then look at that future for which you so meticulously prepare and for which you have promised yourself a gift of tough effort. So dear son never get sad over something out of order, wrong or out of shape. Make a worthy effort to bring it back right and you will feel that though there are evil things, dangerous enough to scare but they can be commanded by some true heroes who dare. Good comes when you give it away straight out through your own heart and actions. It has more power to overtake and destroy bad as is seen in a sequence of action to reaction transaction. Whenever you feel lost, low, gloomy think of me, I am your support. I care for you always and I believe that you are the one who can change things to get to better endings. And it surely will make your life story the best and praises will flow never ending with all its goodness straight getting in the wonder book of humanity called -Life.


Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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