When I met nature goddess ‘Sundarta’

One day when I walked down the rosy path of glories, I was not knowing that for the next coming day I would make a very interesting story. As I approached my swing in my garden there shone a bright dazzling light and I saw a fairy in greens and gold. She came to me and said that all nature was her creation and she was the nature goddess, Sundarta meaning beauty. She offered me a ride on her flower craft having eight feet, six arms and a big dahlia head to a special garden. It had six streams and flower galleries numbering twenty-seven. The streams had seven coloured water running through and next to it stood a rose plant with petals coloured in black, orange and blue. Some flowers were shining bright with studded diamonds and stones and pearls. I was amazed at this scene and thought I was today a lucky girl. Next to me was a rose plant who talked to me, sang a merry song and did a crazy dance. Then it offered me a rose drink and said that on drinking it I would never feel sad nor my heart would ever sink. It was red, green, blue, purple, pink. Then came a big round fat and bulgy dahlia. It was reading a book called -The Terrorist-chaos created by the flower thief-the flower mafias. We flew off together to the flower world to see things delicate and beautiful and to learn lessons of God, the bountiful. On reaching it I was totally amazed to see such beautiful things and already felt an enchanted flower being. The daffodils were singing a yellow song. The marigolds were acting in a show of ‘cows and clowns.’ The bougainvillaeas were airily swinging in the breeze and as I passed them one of them said ‘excuse me’as she sneezed. The balsams were spread with a¬†‘gloryband’around their heads which sparkled with ten colours in a ring. I said to myself -Well it had all been to me till date the ultimate next best thing. Then came the junior flowers, they were playing ‘catch me if you can and were doing the’ hoolabulula ‘dance. Then came tulips, well they were arrogant and did a catwalk. After this magic vision I fainted and when I came back to myself I was in a flower-filled big room in which stood the ‘Flower People’who were in their robes and crowns and I was in multi colours painted. Well, the occasion was National Flower Day and Goddess Sundarta looked stunning as she wore a dress made of flowers, fruits, pearls, diamonds, gems,¬†special leaves and beauty grasses. People were coming to the Huper Duper Smasher Show by giving passes. Everyone was ready to present a show for others. They all sang a song titled -‘Love to sisters and brothers.’Variety of dresses, food and special fragrances were on sale ready to be offered. Goddess asked me to do something very funny and I did a Mogo Jogo Robot Dance in the sunny day on a song which said, Well it is so rainy. I made some great faces of fancy times and I cried out while laughing as I could not anymore make my poem on Fools in Paradise rhyme. I was enjoying dishes made of flower extracts, juices, lemons and cherries and I just could not stop appreciating the -‘Flower Dew Berry.’ The nature fairy proved out to be a great host. I paid my due respects and promised to write my post and I finally took some beautiful shots and I collected so many candies for free. The day had been adventurous and simply so fun filled that I was totally electrified and thrilled. I did not remember when I obeyed my command of sleep but I could remember the next day when I had to get up on mom’s scolding saying, get up you lazy bone creep. She could not though see the little purple gem that glowed and I did not show it to her. Now my real senses told me what I had seen had been just a dream and a beautiful one for sure. The dream made me meet goddess nature Sundarta and she was superb along with her kingdom. What I had gained after this meet was more and more wisdom. It had been my best all-time favourite dream and I kept it close to my heart till I was alive in life’s scene.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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