The lilies said it all

One day I strolled around in my Garden of Paradise and passed little bushes and shrubs that gave me wisdom to a great good limit about nature and life and left me spellbound. The rose plot was a beauty, a double-dose, it was the perfect shot of beauty in its most magnificent pose. The colours had a variety gift ranging from red, green, purple, pink, yellows and of course white, the divine color of peace. I just wished I could soar like a bird and catch a superb glimpse of the garden in the golden sun’s light. The balsams and the China roses were dancing and singing a secret song of glory. Now I could not decipher it, this fact made me a bit sorry. The daffodils seemed to be attracting the honey bees and smiling all beautiful and flawless. I thought that the realms of greatness and the limits of splendid magnificence should be made lawless. The marigolds were pretty and bold, the bougainvilleas looked cheeky and smart. I truly was amazed to see life’s designs and special secrets which took the shape of a wondrous art. The magic kept me hooked, I just thought felt and all about I looked. The connection of this beauty to the divine orders, I could guess out well. They really made one feel the difference between feeling the fantasy of heaven and existing unwillingly in this life -so-called messy hell. The thorny cactus too seemed to be posed in pride, the squirrels passed me reminding me if the clever cute duo chip n dale. The small tender delicate leaves shone bright greenish in their dew covered selfs. This scene was ¬†a picture which would forever linger in my mind and permanently in my heart dwell. The trees were a guardian of this flower world and stood responsibly and sturdily. They seemed to be monitoring the drama of the gardens and its inhabitants and gave the designs of happy existence and proper order to them. There were the Gulmohar, Pine and Ashoka trees. They swayed doing a dance of desires. The whole garden seemed to be wearing heaven’s attires. The breeze blew softly, slowly and sent out sweet scents. The little creatures like the hares and the moles were busy in making newer advents ¬†towards their abodes and wanted to shed their daily loads. It was getting dark and as I was about to go back I caught sight of a little pond with white, yellow and pink lilies. The magic of a splendid moment, the wondrous charisma of perfection, the exquisite magnificence, the glories of the Gods and the hymns and chants of the divine, the beauty of queens and the kindness of the kindest, the fire of a burning desire and the wisdom of the rightest, the lilies said it all. They seemed to be watching me and giggled in glee. This scene was so special , it went over the realm of logical understanding. It was wiser than the wisest and sweeter than the sweetest. It was the language of the purest and perfectionists and the ones in the league of bests. It was some unsaid story of present, future or past. But I could anticipate that it was into something vast and something which could for generations meaningfully last. I had been today lucky to get into the world of nature quite different from us and it had given me good useful wisdom more than I had anticipated. It sure justified its name and cause and carried its good work without a pause. This garden had proved to be a great work of art and which made the next mortal about life, living, substantial existence, beauty and much more wise and more smart.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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