Simply me

I am Ambika. A good big hello to all on this blue planet, though some may be a bit happy, a bit sadder. I am just a being in here, in this ‘mess- n- merry’ scenario called life. But I am also incomplete, to the core, to be more precise. I am a bird brainer in that talent pool around me. I am an ugly duckling when it comes to my siblings three. I am a loser when it comes to a true showcase of better self and best propaganda. I don’t know how to brag, how to show things which I really don’t possess. I am always the Ella of Frell, always distressed. People want more for sure out of life and they can go to any length for it. But why don’t I fit anywhere in here, why? Because I don’t know, never knew to be a cheat, a dacoit, a freak. World is on a high rise, it has gathered more spice. Now people are ambitious, cleverer, professional and more hit. A small thing like me can in it never fit. When it comes to partying with pretty buds with a sense of speciality, I get low on scores, when it comes to dating a hot handsome, I get tagged the biggest bore. When it comes to taking part in party and politics of the world wonderful, I find inner confidence shaky and self-doubtful. The lives of people in the rat race are changing drastically for the better stages and world is changing in variety phases. All are after glam and glitters, nobody wants a different story. For some of the lot, so truthful and ‘so on the earth’ people are sorry. So where am I, who am I and what do I know becomes the question of the hour for my legit existence. I don’t date, drink, delve into dirty biz or do petty politics. But at the end of the day after the sunset on the vain diaspora, I still take stands, for my survival, for my respect, for my substance, growth and my existence. I don’t drink but I do good deeds. I cherish a feeling of well being for my countrymen and country’s better state. I don’t enjoy showing bossism and doing dirty deeds. I try to generate the true wealth, human values and humanity around me and fulfil genuine needs. I don’t care for outer skin show, but I would like to give voice to pending causes and recurring problems and about them, let people feel and know. I may not enjoy crazy cultures and may not know sexy moves in a big-affair b’day bash of a somebody, because I am happy to be knitting the yarn of a nobody who feels good, does good and does not feel an itch to show off. I am a simple one, but I feel with a heart, work with a head, and give goosebumps to idiots who are trying to ruin the world with mad bad ideas. When it comes to me, I don’t dance, I don’t romance, I don’t breathe a wicked breath and I don’t create complications. I love life if its meaningful, useful and I want to bring a revolution of simplicity. I want to preach hard good lessons to girls and tell them to keep a pen rather than lipstick in their kitties. All world is beautiful, no doubt, but needs dedicated inhabitants who can see, do, feel, make right moves. I am a bit good-looking, more serious, a bit sexy, more curious, a bit foulmouthed more sweet, a bit bad hearted more true and selfless and in doing the right jobs very neat. World and life mean a lot to me because they are just getting so lost and traumatic today. But still, with a good heart, I wish perfectness for a new day. I may not be a hotshot babe with more of vulgarity and hype, but it’s very rare to find my types. I am not jealous, wicked, vain, conceited, irrational or crazy about life and the gorgeous gifts we get in it all for free. I have though a sixth sense, seventh eye and I can be found near the mountains, under the hills, over the bridge and into goodness, a special yet simple me.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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