Call me

Call me a poor girl if you find me bereft of the power to feel selfish. People call one rich if he or she doesn’t lack the best qualities which came straight out of Pandora’s box. Call me that if I someway or the other fit into the crazy criteria. Call me beautiful if I respect the beauty of humanity and give importance to stuff other than my self. Call me a social worker if I don’t like to see even ugly souls dying and in pain. Call me a naturalist if I cannot appreciate everything that exists in this world which is partially flawed and crazy. Call me an ideologist if I deny what others accept and like to preach my own sermons and put forward my views without any fear or fuss. Call me a priestess if I don’t hesitate to destroy things that try to destroy my peace of mind and sanity and when I dump the old well preserved ideas for the ‘new silly according to someones’. Call me a traitor if I cheat my heart’s wish and do something silly for sillier people. Call me a gooseberry if I cannot control my feelings and hit a wrongdoer for no wrongdoing. Call me a backbencher if I accept everything told and proved by others and don’t impress own logic and views which may be right or wrong anyway but want to find their independent existence. Call me a genius if I find the world a silly occasion to indulge in. Call me a fool if I get caught up in the business of life. Call me a scumbag if I mistakenly admit to loving this life. Call me but a superwoman if after feeling intense pains and passion I struggle to fight and survive odds and obstacles and still say,’I am here in the middle of it, and I love this life’. Call me a doctor if I can relieve the pains and problems of others while enduring own diseases which are unfortunately incurable by pills, curable by God knows what. Call me a quickie if I can make most of this life but cannot feel the worst of it also in little time. But what if that too does not with my melody tunes ring and rhyme? Call me a brillianto if I can make the world a more enlightened and colourful place. But I would call myself a loser if I lose in my wish n wisdom race. Call me a lover if I can unite all lovebirds in danger and give the world the lovely message of ‘love is life, life is love’. Call me a true one if I can punish self for all wrongdoings and thank God for finding the real culprit. Call me a free soul if I don’t find certain bondings pleasant and would like to free all from their painful chains in life and destinies. Call me a fun monkey if I can truly madly deeply make all happy and life a ‘fun on the run’saga. Call me a traitor again if I cannot do justice to my trapped feelings inside me if there are any and if I mistreat my most beloved possession. Call me mad yet not bad if I don’t enjoy this life or its fake celebrations. Call me a wise girl if I find life comic, foolish, unplanned and surprising. Call me a survivor because in this troublesome turmoil called life I have fought, will fight, am fighting hoping to see a new beautiful day which fulfills my desires and wishes with life’s sun orange and yellow slowly rising, slowly rising.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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