A special bond

Life, here vastness abounds. More space, much space, life is large, profound. We see ourselves initially as tiny specks in this boldly big universe. Scattered hither and thither, scattered, I say again. Having witnessed the presence of two worlds, the former was better, have to admit now. It was calm, complacent and more secure. It had safety and love for me pure. Then laid self to the second more complicated one and from the time I came to my senses have been in loving security of dear ones. Mom’s role in a child’s life is supreme, just next to God because she makes the world of a child complete and alive. But can we forget the role of a doting father in shaping and preserving his little bundle of joy? DAD-meaning dear and dearest for me and more. He has been a guiding star along all paths traversed, an angel in times giving care, support, help, and love above all to be able to fight and face this drama of life. When I could not stand he helped me to. When I could not take the second step he walked with me. When I could not talk he uttered to me, ‘My darling, yes, you can. And you will.’ When I left my spirits and crashed out loud he was the angel in disguise to give strength and support to my soul dying and crushed. He has been all I never thought he would be or anyone would be ever to me. My friend, philosopher, guide all for free. I have always admired my Dad as my ideal one, he was exceptionally superb, number one. He has been my pride, my best joyride, my favorite jester, my fun mood maker, my everything, you name it. Dads are always special. And the bonding between a daughter and her dad is some more special than the others. In any situation come what may, Dad has been behind my back, with a kind gesture, a supporting hand, an encouraging spirit. He surely deserves all in life on his merit. A dad is the king of his child’s heart. He continues to be admired. He is always in demand because of his self, from his daddy services he never retires. Can we forget the times he to make us happy, feel comfy has tirelessly perspired? Daddy dearest, wherever I may be, in whatever state, I will never be complete without your blessings, I will always find you near to me, in my heart and mind. In heart which will teach me to love as one. In mind to tell me to strive to perfection being number one. Dads are the beauty of a kid’s life. Dads are always a matter of emotional sides. A child is blessed to get a dad. Otherwise, he or she will be sad. I doubt the fact that I may get glitters many without the treasure called my Dad. He is the best thing of my life will ever have. I love you, daddy. You are my best aspect of life. Without your presence no voice inside me or anywhere in my life would say, Yes, my life is worthy, it’s really nice. I share a special bond with my dad so do all kids of this world. This bond is defined by the strength of a word which runs for many miles and is called Love.


Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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