Jumping Jhonny

Jhonny is a little naughty boy. He has many friends and more toys. He is always busy finding the merry mountain of fun. He is full of friendliness and good vibes for his friends and does not carry any ill feels for anyone in his mind, no none. He likes to play poker, Mario games and enjoy in the basking glorious noontime sun. He is not the lazy bone type. He has a queen bee made of gold and stones which is his favorite amusement. It glows in three colors. It flies with its shiny wings, talks to him and gives him one cent every day for free. Jhonny likes to jump and jest and is always telling all to jump. He says, jump once, twice and thrice, till you see the honey mountain made by Molly mice. Honey mountain is in the garden of adventure which lies above the candy mountain near the yellow river and below the clouds of Super Twinkles where twinkly babies of heaven twinkle and sing ten songs in the night and become colorful, glowy stars so beautiful, so bright. He jumps to the left, to the right, he jumps all morning, all night. He does not know whether to do this is wrong or right but he jumps and keeps on being happy by this habit of his. He says it’s good to jump because it brings the good luck lying inside the earth and gives you the due share of luck which you should have got at the time of your births. So he says to Mickey, Masha, Mira, and Moni to jump in his way because he is a jumpster very gay. He says fairy of Jumping Jolly world told him she will take him to their world where he would be the merriest and the happiest. And he will be the merry jumping boy of Jumping World forever. He is a great boy with his jumping assets. He always is content in his life, a golden bracket. He says jumping is a good exercise. He says I jump every day all over my premise. He is a jumping Jacko i.e, he is the master jumper of Jump and Jest academy. He says he is the one who is going to get the next Oscar, Grammy, and Academy. He is a show stealer because he can jump through anything, any ring, any box, any rope, any rail, any tree. You can watch and appreciate him and become his friend for free. He likes to be the best jumper in the world because he says it’s his favorite game. He has jumped over the tops of hills, the roofs, and gardens and over meadows and junctions, over donkeys and horses’ manes. Jumpster Jhonny Jacko is now a world hit champion, super jumper and says he wishes to jump over the suns and moons. He says he wishes to fly over the planets and make a house on any one of them pretty soon. He got this habit from the time he was three and met a girl called Prazie who was a fairy. Prazie said that one day would come which would make him a top celebrity of world and his winning talent would rule. ┬áHe would emerge a super kid, sexy and cool. Next, she would meet him and they would marry boom bang soon. Jhonny would become the revolutionary key master of Jumping heroes dynasty where the kids would be able to jump, reach the sky and world will be a jumper’s paradise. Kids would make a new world which would give jumping powers to all near and far. And in the eyes of Prazie Jhonny would become the ultimate star. All will be super good, super nice. Jhonny will be the luckiest because he will get all the glam, glory and a golden love and Jhonny will finally say–Everybody everywhere sing, dance and jump to joys, to life, humanity’s best tunes, rhymes. Jump to perfection and jump till the end of times.

Wishing all a sweet jumping time.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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