It’s me,hey but am happy again

Well, every day of everyone’s life is a bit different. Different from the previous and the coming one. We, human beings, homo sapiens are all a bit alike and a bit different. And we should be proud of it. Life’s designer may have been a supernatural identity and we all mostly believe it to be God. But the models of this ever-growing and always changing fashion show of life are us, human beings or in a more better way, children of God. What we do for ourselves and others is worth many thanks given to each other. We are sometimes foolish, to go against each other but at other times we are also very wise as we don’t altogether forget our brother and sisterhoods and come to be the rescue angels of those in distress. What is that matter of utmost specialty which can become the central occasion of celebrations for the race of humanity? It’s the joys we get by spreading happiness and by enlightening dark holes, souls maybe which are in need of truthful things in life, to give them support. Happiness is such a wonder in itself. It gives out all it has yet never feels empty. It always increases by giving more and it brings out the real beauty of humanity and people out to light which had been lost somewhere, hidden maybe. Happiness is cheap yet very precious. And how many of us do really afford it? Maybe not all of us. I am a very simple and unspecial person, I think so. I am not breaking any rules, nor am making any history or ringing any bells anywhere. I just do the basics. I never even want to be a chart-topper anyhow. I though follow my value system and believe in simple specialacious setups. I want to live forever definitely more than the obvious hundred years. Because I want to explore this big mystery bag called life as I think there is lots more than what meets the eye in all spheres active on this earth in life. I am though very satisfied with life as it is, still have not come to the core of it. In this life of mine, I have many roles to play being a daughter, a student, a friend, a sister and citizen of a country and last but not the least -a child of God. I have to complete my tasks and my responsibilities. And I don’t mind that a bit. I know my life can be a hell if I don’t care for and love, help my own people. By own people I mean my true well-wishers, my family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, secret admirers, some close to heart critics and all other positive forces in my life for me. I love all of them. So when Tessa scolded me and meant it as a kind of insult on the work front, I didn’t mind. When mom says something or a false word slips out of her mouth for me, I don’t mind. When dad gets annoyed which he rarely let happen I make him smile, when my younger brother Jill is angry balls on me, I love him for that extra cuteness overload. All my friends, Emily, Janet, Joanna, Joseph if are in an angry mood, I relax them up and bake them almond biscottis and serve them my super cup of cappuccino. I have come to know that nothing is bigger than love, togetherness, companionship, tolerance, and cooperation.Without these elements in your cup, your tea will not be perfectly brewed. Many instances of oddness have come in my life and only after getting wiser about it, I have got a grip on it. I don’t mind anyone’s anger at a moment, I try to dig deeper into what caused this anger and I try to calm the hotties out. I know that whatever people I love are saying appearing to be my nobody, it is a matter of the moment and they have not stopped to love me.They are being angry only to help me out. Help me to correct my mistakes and become perfect or more than it, special. I know that I can make life heavy by reacting on and spreading hatred. I can make it better by spreading joys, by trying to fit or gift all a smile. What better destiny can one have than when all give you blessings without any occasion. I don’t mind, about rough things said or done to me by my loved ones, my enemies, well I have noneand even this world. I want to change scenes and want to delete the problem zones because they abound. As quality is over quantity, so I want to spread happiness, the bigger and better option. I would say that if anyone is angry with me, well I give him or her a chance to vent it out, slap me, kick my butt or pull my ears. But still, I won’t mind if it could change my, my family’s, my country’s’ peoples and this world. I only want to give a good chance, a fresh start to all in this world. I want to make wrongs right and want to change things if I can a little bit or a lot more. Happiness is the best gift to be shared and a gift which can change moments, lives and what not. I would want that in this life all get a fair chance and all taste life to learn all about it. Life is learning from all angles and the best institution, all are admissioned into automatically. I want to never be a heartbreaker, rather would want to be a messenger for all happy reunions. I want to change life, people, situations and lot more. I want to give the prime position to happiness in everyone’s lives. For that I am ready to take all sticks and stones on my shoulders, I would prefer to not mind anyone or anything and even spread the word -I don’t mind because I got no mind. At least it will do me good. And that surely.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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