In this big, vast wondrous world, the best of Gods creation reigns supreme. And he is a man, mortal and mighty. The man of the moment, the savior who comes to the rescue of life and beings. He proves the point again and again that he is the smartest out of all, all doubts cleared already.

We rule the universe and no one seems incapable or incomplete and by God’s grace we keep getting updated on the smartness quotient and are capable of wonders like happy and steady coexistence.

We are all coexisting, being rich, poor, long, short, crooked, beautiful, ugly, hotshots or crackpots, intelligent beasts or foolish beauties. Everyone sure has a cozy place in this small wor of God where we exert to make love rosier and life a thousand shades better. And it’s not less than a proper achievement of sorts. We are all children of one God though we depict our Almighty differently and he is unwillingly caught up in the silly and unimportant man-made customs and rules. All men and women are born alike but they make themselves and their lives sometimes unique by their own efforts.

The fate attached to a mortal is at times in hands of him only and he is free to shape it as he wants to. We all come here in life wanting to be the unique entrants in the affair of life, do lots, all become achievers gifted and super successful. We claim to have done everything yet there remain in the corners of souls mysterious feelings which want to explode,want to get fulfilled,desires which need to be focused, viewed,reviewed and things which want to get done,to get noticed by action,cravings which want to exert a unique force of importance. At one point these cravings had been overlooked, never been given their due share of importance and were left in the pending, to be looked and noticed files of life. Sometimes small actions make a big difference and complete our personality profiles to make us get shortlisted in the special beings category, yet some other big preposterous actions never seem to stir or err and never get across the line to make a similar difference.

If we are super beings, super special, totally complete then what holds us back or what gives us that feeling of incompleteness and discomfort? It’s a craving which when not satisfied causes troubles but when done so creates miracles. It’s a craving that has lived with us for years now, the craving that has not yet met its end and that which has not been given its share of stardom. Many people have left untreated desires, feelings wishes in their hearts and locked it up trying to forget it forever. But at one point of time, these cravings strut out and want to be showcased. If talking about me then I am a simple person who needs no extra effort to get pleased. I don’t have many wishes or many ‘to do things ‘down my list but there have been cravings, I do not deny which mean a lot to me even today and can change my life or its directions.

One of them which does not grab the last position amongst all is craving for good food especially the food which was cooked by my grandmother. It sure held a special place in my heart and tummy. The taste of that food was just great and whenever I used to visit her place I was all tummys for her.I used to make her make food the whole day and used to be the food monster of the house.But it’s sad that now I don’t go there often and I miss that superb taste out of all else. It appears to me that one part of my tummy remains empty as if it still is waiting for its special treat. So that place and that gorgeous food always used to turn me on and were my 24/7 world changers. Next, I crave for true friends.It’s not that I haven’t ever had any but I am sad and am so very often because they are not physically with me now.

I love the fun days, mad days, super adventurous ones which I spent with them.We were friends who laughed together, cried together, would do anything for each other but they are sadly not with me anymore. I miss those hugs, cuddles, the way we played pranks, the way we fought with each other, how everything in between us was a common thing. What one liked was liked by the other and vice versa. I crave the big samosas with the extra chilly dip made at Anna’s, the super songs sung by melody queen Sumana, the togetherness was so special it never came to our senses being so. The next thing I crave for is the presence of my maternal grandfather who is no more with us now. I crave how he told us stories of his life, the war times which he witnessed, how he made us laugh with his jokes so hard we cried at last.

I crave my village where I don’t go now, it’s picture perfect beauty, nature at its best self and the fun time spent there with friends. How we would go to the mangroves and do a hundred mischiefs.How we would bathe in the nearby pond and witness seahorses, how we would go in the forests and get terrified after seeing antelopes and think they were ghosts. I crave all the years which have passed by leaving me sad.I crave my childhood, my best time and phase of life, I crave my insanity, my innocence, my fun mood, my enthusiasm and my spirits. I crave for good, better times, success, a longer time for togetherness of my loved ones and I crave for real, true,innocent love which I narrowly missed.

I crave for those innocent feelings which came into my mind on a clear moonlit night and the good thoughts of well being for the whole human race which came into my heart and mind. Lastly if thinking about self I crave for my carefree attitude, my ‘don’t care for damn ‘self and my great gorgeous figure which I used to possess. Finally, I crave for God’s love, his lessons, directions, support and his presence which has been my lifeline. I want him to show me a longer road to walk to do good to another, a longer prayer to recite for everyone’s well being, a longer moment to thank him for this life which is so beautiful despite troubles fencing it, a better power to provide me to be better and make the world so.

I feel that no mortal is perfect or ever can be. So one should wisely not go after this fake fact. If you are gentle, kind, loving, helping, feeling one why not be so because these are genuine, natural qualities, not so perfect. It’s my choice. Finally, I crave to be imperfect, taste the goodness carved in the melody of life and it’s proceedings. I want to be what no one ever has but slight imperfectly. I love life. I love myself. And one life that all have got should be one big important affair, a celebration whose imprints in life, whose value must last for a lifetime, better than any event and which after so many turmoils, disasters,life-changing events, trouble times has if for only once been from the corner of our hearts loved. Thanks.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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