Cute Adorables

In life, isn’t it really a sweet sight? Enjoying the wintry sunshine and basking in the glory of it visualizing an unknown journey of life or feeling the December chills reminding you of a bygone sad love story. Or again seeing the sparkling diamonds, the shiny night stars, the beautiful moon glowing and dazzling bright. There are beautiful sights a many, wondrous enough to make you amazed, there are wonderful things in life which you get in special phases. There are glories, amazing to awkward stories, some man-made, some God made designs and so much which you cannot witness together in any capacity of your self but which do anyhow exist. On one side there is the Taj Mahal or the mighty Himalayas,the beautiful islands of SriLanka or the stylish hustle-bustle of New York and then simpler down the line, the beauty lying deep in the skins of a rustic poor village girl or in the eyes of a little village boy with hopes to make it big in this world.There is nature’s bounty to hunt out and feel mesmerized, there are innumerable goodies from the bag of God to explore and keep you enchanted from the passing night onto the next joyous sunrise. Some things in life are so amazing, they make you thank the mighty forces for their kindness and make you feel on cloud nine. But life is, as you know, never same, its changing from good to bad or vice versa making it a bit mysterious,maybe a bit magical but all the same adventurous. There are phases when all is hunky-dory,when the sky looks more pink than blue, when you are on a high rise, you feel you are the luckiest and life hangs in balance. But there may come times when the grey clouds start to hover or when there are storms and disturbances of one or the other kind. At such times you wonder for a special gift from God. Then you may need, true companions, fellow beings who can be your sunshine when it is depressingly dark, who will be your wintry chills when you be needing some extra thrills, will be your crutches in your periods of handicapness, will be all the drama and comedy you need to keep it moving. They will be the prime elements of magic created in your life because of which you survived the worst phases able to wreck you to pieces. And am so proud to say,in my case they are none other than my family outside which make  my life inside. Starting with, my dad, oh boy, he is one magic maker who cares, loves, scolds, moulds and dedicatedly beholds the sight of his loved ones smiling and shining, all thanks to him. My dad though being at the top of affairs in his life somehow manages to spare his precious moments to be with us, feel our pains, solve our problems, sing, dance, act and love us from deep down his heart. He is the one who wins all the chess matches, gets a loser badge in all baseball games with a grin, makes a horrible pasta with the watermelon smoothie which will make you die for it or maybe die after drinking it. He has been our joyride, our strength, our matter of pride and celebrations in life. Now second to come but second to none is my mom, well she is just damn superb with her smiles, her scolds, her worries and her moves. Because of her efforts we are what we are today and she taught us that it takes a lot in life to make it groove. She is the best cook, the best friend, a terrific guide and our saviour in rough times. She makes fun,fancy,love,celebrations with life rhyme. I have also found her to be my help when I could not walk, could not be confident to face the world or put my feet down. Without mom in my life ,it would be like Troubled Tom’s. I am so happy to get the best mom, be it in beauty, in doing duties, in serving society, completing responsibilities, being the best friend, standing up against wrongs, fighting for our rights and staying awake endless nights, yes, she has managed everything very perfectly. The next member of my heart or my family is my bro younger to me. He is a full fun buddy,an enthusiastic friend and my joy moment creator. We are not only bound by  relation of blood but by a relation of togetherness.We can never be far away from each other no matter the counting distances, we are each others sweet bothers. I remember cuddling him in my arms when he was born, looked like an angel. He is very attached to me and he has always been my spirit elevator. He has made life beautiful and precious with his presence, we have laughed, cried, fought and cherished each moment together. Today he is a young man able, capable and responsible. These three people are my cute adorables. They  make life, living and existence very grand for me. When I don’t see them I go blind, when I don’t hear them I am deaf and if anything bad was to ever happen to them, I would sure go crazy. I still have not been able to find out my individual existence setup, never felt the need to and don’t ever want to. Losing my family will be my nightmare, what will I be without their love and care. They can always find room in my heart, my mind, my soul. They make me complete, superbly whole. My cute adorables are just what I would have wanted from God and luckily I have got my want. I can just say, dear cuties I love you. What is life and world without a family. It’s absolute nothingness.We need some flowers to decorate the garden of life and some angels in it to make some cute mess in it. May God always be with you, my family. Love you heaps and plenty. From your doll. Stay blessed.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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