What happens when you feel better in your belly? What happens when your heart sings an unknown melody? What happens when you look better than yesterday and get a spirit lift up a grand makeover? What happens when you rank highest in class and get to be an instant idol among the mass? What happens when your French becomes better than your German and you start to see beautiful doughnuts in your Philosophy teacher’s eyes? What happens when you want to finally pass after years of deciding the rightest stuff, when you don’t anymore succeed in creating a master bluff, even though it was your super specialty? What happens when your classmates start opening eyes for you and recognize your presence and say, hey, dude what’s up? What happens when Pinto mam gives you a compliment after seeing your English homework and says, keep it up son, well done. What happens when you start to know the meaning of love and want to take a dive in the sea of love with a dear friend, a true one. What happens when mom gifts you the best synthesizer and video game available in your town and when your siblings change your name to dear Jack from Jumbo, the idiot clown. What happens when you feel a stir in self and you want to be everyone’s help when your neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Jolie start to talk to you sweetly and don’t give you those horrible frowns. When dad spends time with you, granddad gifts you extra heaps of books, toys and more. When maid Jana cooks an extra strawberry tart for you and when your neighborhood kid Jonathan asks you to play with him. When fairy Godmother comes in your dreams and takes you to her land. You become the hottie, the lad in demand and when your life starts to obey your commands. If all these things happen, think that God has given you a special space here in life and there has resulted a happiness overload all in your share which you never felt before. God wants you to feel perfect and be happy, then happier and then happiest. He wants you to pass with flying colors life’s ultimate tests. God wants you to taste the special dish of life whose main ingredient is happiness and he wants you to feel, find, enjoy and spill happiness all around, make life profound. It is the special gift of God for you with which you will feel satisfied even in less and will only make wanted mess. Because of this gift, you feel the sun singing with the moon, the marigold dancing on top of Jimmy, the dog, the toy kitten making electric moves, whole family grooving, and everything improving. What lay in shadows has now come brightly forward, and all needs a makeover now, says the dog, the parrot Brandy and Joey the meow. It is happiness which has made life grand and great, may it spread all over and change fates. God wants you to spread the magic of happiness everywhere and take everyone on an adventurous joyride and it is what is needed to make the wanted mess. A mess in life which makes life awesome, tweets tweety, the dog, parrot and our shining sun.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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