In life, you live through good and hard times alike but still, after the end of all hustle of life, you recollect that you were what you were because of some special bondings with special people around you. Life tries you, loves you, hates you, gives you an edge or the full floor to carve a niche and score or go unnoticed. Life still is the most wanted gift because of special and true feelings with loved ones and super special moments spent with them which I call –Cherishables. In this moment, I am ready, I am charged. For action, for function, for performance, for existence. Finally. I have learned many things in life, from life. Some are terrible, even to recollect, some are really interesting ones which make you smile. I am now abler, wiser, ten shades better than yesterday and want to be twenty shades better than today. Life is a two-sided coin. The good and bad sides both have learning value for man. The dark experiences make you brighter, the good ones enlighten you and make you feel better. Without this package of challenges put in front of you, you cannot let your true hero out. You cannot be heard how hard you shout. Life is something which can make you everything you want and don’t want to be. Some strong ones want ten lives, some weaker just get crazy driving one life straight along the right ways. In my case, I don’t bother for life and death. I live because I am quite inquisitive about knowing life and taking a deeper sneak peek into it. What’s wrong with doing a bit of Nosy Parker work to learn, see, understand, argue, question, enjoy, love or hate this life. I don’t want to see only blacks in front, why not color whatever I have got in rainbow colors. To get that moment of satisfaction, that moment of happiness. I don’t know what’s in future but I still want to tear the veil of uncertainty around it with my spirited scissor. When I am satisfied I may take the plunge for the other part of or side of life,  that is death or dark wisdom according to me. Life cannot always put up with you in pinks and oranges, sometimes it can only manage the greyer shades, I agree totally with this. But still, I can take a moment to thank this life because whatever I have been able to see, good or bad, is only because I was the chosen one. To come in this life, live it, feel it, learn from it and drop a line or two after time’s over. I live for my loved ones, my strengths, successes, my efforts, my dedicated passion, my assets, my truths, my fanciful treats and my special moments –my cherishables. Whenever caught unarmed by destiny or the wicked gatekeeper of bad times trying to push me through, the good moments spent and lived become my strengths to fight back in life’s mess n melody. Moments-some good, some bad, some happy, some sad, some terrific, some horrible,some bare stones, some diamonds. There were moments—when I fell down from my bike, bruised self and when my mom being the angel of the moment came to pull me up, wipe tears, spread smiles and give some wise words and a piece of chocolate cake, just great. When I could not pass in my papers and things were down n out for me. Dad came and said it is just a matter of times and phase when in one you are a complete zero and in the other a mastered hero who is unbeatable, unstoppable and just on top. With true dedication a true fighting spirit and hopes, you can always turn things around. When I first met Jack, my love of life, I could never forget the first kiss and the many memorable moments of togetherness spent with him. When I could not express my love and he proposed to me. When on losing my pet dog, Sam he lightened things up and said, he was equally sorry for this loss of mine. Moments which because of unprecedented love and loved ones became larger than life, special and unforgettable.When unimaginable wonders became the reality of life.When things turned from ugly to nice. These are the treasures I have cherished deep down my heart. They give me the fire to perform,the calmness to exist and the breeze to keep smiling come what may. Cherishable moments may be few but they are the fireworks of your life to get you rocking,you love them best. They let you be the best, give you power unrestricted by any boundary and give you strong reasons to live,stronger than you thought you had to quit. Let each moment make you million times wiser,stronger,beautiful and let you keep your survival instincts intact. Moments fill your life aplenty but just certain special moments, the cherishables fill the empty space of your heart with true feelings, courage, bare and bright wisdom, lots of power, good ones and give you a second reason-defying the first to survive, succeed, enjoy and fill the world with joys.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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