The perception is yours

Man and God are the two very powerful entities in this world. One rules in heaven, one down here on earth. God is considered to be a supernatural identity who protects and blesses all his creations, one out of them being man. Man is considered to be the most intelligent and powerful creation of God out of other counterparts. Man is said to be balancing this world with his wisdom and his magic. But sometimes he too makes a mistake and does unwanted things for which God too feels bad. One day, a senior God and his junior met to discuss some things over a cup of tea about life. So, God, assigned the junior an important task. He said to him to find out how many bad people were living on planet earth. So junior God set foot towards earth disguised as a man to find out all the badness he could think of knowing that his hands would be full sooner than he thought. He identified all the bad people whom he caught doing shady things and noted their names. He took the list to God and said that he was deeply disappointed to present such a long list. But still, he could not help it. God saw the list and became sad to see so many bad people in this world. Then the next day God sent the same God to find the good people in this world. So went the God and made a list of good people doing good things in life. Surprisingly the list matched in number to the ‘bad people list’. And this surprised him very much. And just thinking all this he stumbled on a rock on the road and was just about to fall when a man walking past by caught hold of him and saved him from getting hurt. Going a bit further one pickpocket tried to put his hand in his pants and a small girl shouted making the man alert but the pickpocket ran away with his purse. The man was dying of hunger and decided to eat something but he had no money.And then a kind man offered him things to eat and gave him some money So these three incidents gave the God a reason to put three more names of good deeds to the good people list and leave the former behind. He took it to God who became quite very happy to see the list. Finally, he told the God that this number thing was just not the real measure to find who’s good and who’s not. It was a matter of perception of the self which could figure out what was right and what was wrong.What we saw, what we thought and what we gave priority over other things to be checked out usually led us to our results. If we had gone through a bad experience, with some incorrect kind of people according to our set standards for measuring the good and bad and we were feeling very upset or our mind was developing ill feelings for something,person or incident then we could only see negative aspects around us, how hard we tried to change our vision.Then even if that something tried to rectify his/her mistakes or make things better for best we could not see, hear, or feel it even for once. We get stuck in our thinking and we construct ideas based on our feelings felt at that present moment.But this may not be so true in all cases. If we come across pleasing incidents, our perception takes sides with it and we judge incidents or people accordingly.So now I may ask a question that how much is this way of getting to know the real truth correct?I think it is not correct in any way. Man is all he can be but no man can be perfect ever how hard he may try.So this perception of one for another is just momentary, sometimes even irrational and our mind tries to make us see or feel what we want to see and feel sidelining even the true story.Our mind sometimes takes a selfish stand and makes us see good or bad in a person basing the judgment on our wishes.It is very immature and wrong way of taking a look at life. We usually feel very satisfied with ourselves and unsatisfied with the world. We find folly with many but can’t find any with our selves. We are selfish in many ways. Maybe even good in others. But how can we judge others basing things on perfection when we ourselves cannot measure up to perfectness if we mean any specialty by this word. We take immediate decisions about how good or bad a person is without looking deeper into the circumstances or situations which may have led to the showcase of a person’s negative qualities.So as with the God who was out to find more bad ones than good but found stuff the other way round, we can never be sure of anything, the world being more mysterious and unexpected than we thought. It’s a matter of your thinking, your perception. It’s flexible in the moment, with the moment and for the moment. But it is not the universal truth.You can change it anytime at your will, at your command. So finally, it is well said that, when the God went to find the bad all around, he found no one fitting his categories of good or bad and all his doubts were changed to wisdom pearls and his heart was filled with glee which told him that whatever was there lay in one’s eyes, so open them up to see the real picture. Man may try hard but can’t set everything right to be perfect. But by having a keener eye and wiser feel towards life he can stand in the criteria of best beings. If you have a good mind,heart and soul you may come across hard times a many but they won’t hurt you more and may not surprise you too much. Because if life is nice, it’s even not that cruel, as you dedicate your efforts to it, it too cares for you. Change the way you see life,this day ,people in it, moments and all else with a keen but good eye.You will see that your life has become more worthwhile, carry more blissful loads and make more sweeter abodes in people’s hearts. And you’ll see that what lay as a dark grey landscape just got rainbow colored when those glasses called the wrong perception were removed. So go ahead live, laugh, enjoy, learn, understand things a bit better and beyond the ordinary measures to discover the hidden gems of life. This life is a mystery-ridden puzzle, it has many of them. They just have to be found out collectively from all directions, all places, by one or the other all over the world.All depends just on how you feel, how you see things and how you sort them out. So become beautiful inside out by seeing beautiful, feeling beautiful and changing everything to beautiful.Change your life, the world for the better.Perception is yours.

Change for the best. And do save a smile for the last. Be gorgeous with a right self and a right state of mind to set the world on fire with your charm. Go Boom!

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I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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