Thanks,dear John

Life had been cruel to her. It did not in the least care. For her joys. She went through traumas and troubles, life got bursted like a bubble. But now, Deanna was calm, relaxed. She was no more terrified and taxed. She could breathe free, live life. She knew it was the biggest, ever, respite. So many turmoils, troubles had designed her life leaving no place for happiness to creep. She wondered with surprise, is the world so small, so lowly and so cheap? Deanne was through the pain, through the sorrow. She was to painful pleasures very thorough. What did she get being a mortal in life? Anything ever nice? She wondered why the lifelines of her palms went fine and strong, visible enough. Only she did not want to be strong and visible anymore. She wanted to let down the score, numbers guiding her long, treacherous lifespan. She wanted to break free at any point in time. She wanted to race against destiny to challenge it and win the game on her side. Deanna wondered what did unlucky ones get in this vast arena of nothingness as their prize. Nothing, of course. But then why they have been given this chance to take a sneak peek in a life which was not meant for them, ever. Deanna knew the dark sides, darker truths, desperate hopes, dying times, she knew them all. Still would do nothing to turn the tables around. What could this protective layer of completeness called life give her at this time? Deanna had lost courage, confidence and a position to stand straight. She could not scroll from the dictionary of her mind for this life, the word hate. Nothing ever had been so bad for her. Deanna lost her family, her love, her child which meant her life. Could not understand who had conspired to snatch her treasures and make her a beggar. There seemed to be all blacks, all dark and no one around. Felt like falling unendingly down a black hole and she was so shock-prone now she did not even bother, for self, for life, for joys or anything. But surprisingly today was different, but why was that, she wondered. Why was that feeling, a surprising one coming into her heart so suddenly? What kind of force was thrushing in and swaying her heart in its way and taking her somewhere? Why was there that twinkle in her eyes, and that glow to her face, why was there a song in her soul that wanted to be showcased? Why did an unnatural feel after ten years of sadness come up in her so strongly? And why was she doing things the way she never wanted to again, feeling her glooms leaving her profoundly. What was it, Deanna to her self was asking, ‘in what glories and gibberish are you basking?’ Why was there fantasy dancing on her palms, why was she getting carried away by that mysterious charm? What was making her open her eyes to see good around, to feel life run down her veins, what was proving that well everything had been destroyed but her life would not go still in vain? Life started to get closer to her heart, the dark times were seeming to end ushering in a new beautiful start. Deanna thought why was all this change happening? She wanted to be as she had been till now, cocooned in her dark shell, she did not want to know the difference between heaven and hell. But still, times seemed different now, she had to admit. And well she was changing too, giving life a new permit. The love, trust, and fondness for her treasures could not go away ever but a new closeness and a new trust for this life was getting close to her. Life was in a way making her feel special. Because of a special someone who had come to make a new wonderful world for her. She could not deny that the empty spot of her heart was crying to let a special one in. It had to be the one just like the one she had before. And no doubt in this big universe she could feel someone who fitted in. This soul was true, was concerned, charming her and making her feel something. This soul was really wanting to be a part of her, make her smile, dance, sing again. A someone who felt she was really special. A someone who was saying, come what may I will always stay by your side, loving you, and loving you till the end. It was love that was crossing her heart, mind, her consciousness and making her get caught up in this web. Of love. Maybe true again. Love is a wonderful feeling, a comforting zone which lets you be your true self to the other person and really gives you a reason, support and strength to welcome life again. With hopes, a sweet smile, and a reason larger than life which tells you, come on, get over the past, welcome life to newness and be apart of the celebration called life with your one choicest person, here its, John, John Pitt. The light of my life, who has given me a new road to walk on and a reason to live again.Thanks, dear, John. You are wonderful. For giving life to me which I wanted to lose and for seeing my treasures in you again.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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