We, as homo sapiens, the best of the bests are born braggarts, each second, each minute and in every blink of the eye, and we cannot lay all the blame on Donald Trump. The only thing differing in all of us, braggarts is maybe, the degree. And sure enough with all these tall, fair and handsome claims and big-time words we completely live and justify our braggadocious existences. We are always full of praiseworthy words for our meager deeds, actions and we just feel so much to make our presence felt, be it for any cause, in any circumstance, and in as many ways as is possible. We just need a moment of attention to display our talents, our beauty spots in action and place ourselves in the very best positions we humanly can. In a spared moment one can find a line of selfies being displayed on social networking sites like facebook, google+
, twitter which add the ‘oil to the fires’ and which aid in showcasing of the good, bad and even the ugly, if need be, to magnifying and blowing up our abilities in all spheres of life mattering and not. We boast about self, about anything that matters to us, is closer to us and can affect our images positively or the other way around. We want a permanent upgradation to only one level i.e, best, best and best again. We boast about our life, our country,it’s culture, about our knowledge(updated one)and we quickly want to steer its way towards our personal abilities in maybe writing, in arts, in having a knack for things like science,or maths or a foothold in languages, say,what not. We have partially transformed into narcissistic monsters who cannot think of passing a single moment without a validation passport ranking us in number one position, no less, you bet. What matters nowadays is the Greatness Badge, The superhuman tag, The Bestie Beast honor. It is a boasting epidemic engulfing all life, all normalcy needed to keep life in balance. All of us can pat ourselves on our backs for being such talented nonsensed fur fluffers and being the cleverer pussies who know their parts well without guidance whatsoever.’Whenever and wherever we are always there’ to blow our trumpet and toot our horns better, louder and crazier. Well, bragging is no less an art, a universe-colliding phenomenon able to bring wreckless imbalance and an unwanted pseudo-talent in people all around the world. The only thing differing in bragging is degree where one can be an underbrag, humblebrag, facebrag or braggadocious but are all braggarts grouped together. In course of time, we have fallen two steps back to become needy individuals who want constant validation of superiority over others. Bragging is a feel-good factor all the way now. We brag to make our hearts feel good about our position in lives because looking at others they look awesome giving us a jealous tint in the eye. It’s after all human nature to live up to it. We brag as and when we can as if it’s our birthright. On the phone, on the couch, in the office or in the cinema hall. We don’t want the circle of attention to leave us, the lights should be focussed too well and want that it stays so forever. We want to continue the brag game, never stop. After the very publicised American presidential debate, the country went in a tizzy searching for the word Braggadocious as used by Donald Trump in his speech. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it is not an actual word though there is one similar one called ‘Braggadocio’ which means arrogance. We are now changed beings powered by our bragging talents and basking in self-glory. But does this really help? A study published in Psychological Science concluded people overestimated the amount of positive response their self-promotion would evoke and underestimated the negative response it elicited. Sometimes our ideas don’t give us preferred results. When we try to impress, it backfires. So ladies and gentlemen shouldn’t we take a pause, a break maybe and have a better fun moment being what we really are good or bad and being it with confidence? The trumpet is tired maybe…give it a break, will you?

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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