Tips for learning and improving English

Being humans, we need a lot of things to survive in this world, the basic ones being food, clothing, shelter and a medium to communicate. We communicate or talk with each other to express ourselves, solve queries and to carry on the daily business of life which rolls in itself many aspects of living, existing and surviving. In the stone ages i.e, from the time man surfaced, he used symbols and an unidentified language to communicate. Slowly that period ended and he started talking in languages belonging to his native places. As for example, Russians talked in Russian, the people of France in French, Arabians in Arabic, Indians in Hindi and Americans in English. Indians have Hindi as their mother tongue which originated from Sanskrit but now English too is no new or mystery phenomenon to us. It’s our official language and a comfortable one now with us. It is used both formally and informally in industrial, commercial, artistic and other work environments and is the staple communication medium between workers, executives, students, teachers and so on. Now it is the reality that the business of our lives and of the world will not proceed without having a knowledge and expertise in English. It is no more a hoax, a complicated problem, frightening idea at all. It is an easy, simple, meaningful language and can be learned by anyone irrespective of color, caste, age, learning capacity bars.

The skills of learning English can always be improved whether we are foreign students or native speakers. Some of the easy ways for this are—

We must read books, newspapers, journals, magazines written in English, surf the net about articles in English which are above our current understanding standards with a dictionary. It will help us to learn the words of English in a fun way. It will help us to improve our proficiency technically. It is a good way for self-learning, taking our own time and space. Tabloid-style newspapers use more basic language and are better suited for starters and low-level beginners. We can make notes of new vocabulary, spellings, grammar, phonological or any other aspect of the language and practice it in our leisure hours till we get a hold of it. We can master the language by speaking, reading, writing it more than once and continuing this practice for some time. We must try to converse more in English to pick up slang expressions and come to terms with conversational English. We must listen to speeches, watch documentaries in this language. However, taxing or boring learning grammar is, it is a very important tool for English. It must be known inside out. We can also maintain a diary and record our progress that we have made so far in learning words, punctuation, spellings and give ourselves a test to see where we lack, what are our strong and weak points, where we can improve etc. We can go for a language swap with a person who will teach us what we want to learn in return for we tutoring him or her on what they want to know. We can use our recorder in our smartphones and record lessons taught in classes or record our learning sessions which we do with our selves. We cannot though escape doing steady effort and coming back at learning it. We can get a bilingual dictionary and update on aspects of the language like idioms, phrasal verbs that won’t be found in academic course books. We must every day write anything which comes to our mind and we must not fear of making mistakes while expressing ourselves. We can ask our peers and teachers to give us self-help assignments and tests and other such pointers which may prove handy and useful to us. For achieving our goals we would have to come out of our comfort zones and take the challenge. We cannot learn good English at an unrealistic pace so we must set ourselves goals, objectives and we must at our ends try to fulfill them truly not superficially. In time we will see that we have got a command of the language and nothing would then stop us from mastering it. As it is said, nothing is impossible if there is a will and spirit. So let us not be afraid of English. It is fun to learn, use and one of us might someday make history with it. So we should interact in English more and more not being afraid of it. Or I can say, of anything.

How learning English can boost your career

Learning a language can be entertaining and rewarding anytime, anywhere and for any purpose. And when it comes to the employment zone, it can do wonders for a seemingly misfit individual. In India, there are more candidates than the jobs available and in our work culture language at times poses itself to be a barrier for individuals between the effort and the reward. English is considered to be a power statement in the field of employment generation. Without this power, an individual is not considered up to the mark and may lose many perks and highlighted positions in his or her career or lifetime. Candidates aware and adept in this language are given priority in holding honorable positions in companies because it is thought that they are knowledgeable, efficient,work-savvy and better able to handle difficult situations in their jobs. Knowing English is seen as a route to enhance career prospects in the long run. Knowledge of English can definitely provide the power boost up to people’s careers. If we have knowledge of English we will have more new job opportunities as compared to a monolingual candidate. It helps to put an impression on employers and colleagues that we are dedicated, have an aptitude and they may have a feeling of respect for us and more confidence in our work. Knowing English leads to expanding our horizons of knowledge, about life, world, everyday happenings, established facts, ideas, people, cultures to keep us updated and in good stead. If a professional has not learned English, he may not comprehend the client’s needs and advocate effectively. After learning English, a person may feel more confident and ready to take challenges. One is sure to get work-wiser and gain added effectiveness in completing the work. English today in our country has become the sole necessity for a phenomenon called success. It’s as important as breathing for companies and corporates. So a person must try to gain complete know-how in it to place his best foot forward with added confidence, zeal to work, a capacity to balance odd conditions and a spirit made so by the wisdom of English to reach the top.

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I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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