Bang Bang 2017

Oh my, my,let’s take a look at what fell behind and what lies ahead. Well it’s a talk on the time train which has started never to end and which has taken us on journeys,enjoyable,regrettable and what not.2016 has been an year which has tried to balance and set straight things with us whenever we have fallen behind,tripped over,made wrong decisions or been in too much of fun or fuss.2016 has given us a path to walk on but we have not come to our destinations still. This path had its bends, curves, treacherous delights and memorable adventures all locked in sum.2016 has taught us to songs of good life, achievements and good times hum,but still its lyrics are to be completed to give it a powerful meaning which will give us strength to last more than a lifetime.2016 has been crazy, sweet, memorable and we have been or tried to be our best here, there and everywhere we could. But the journey will thankfully continue for some more time, for some more memorable moments to amaze us. The power has to be again unleashed, the craziness to be doubled, the mess to be improved, the fight has to be continued with ill forces, with destiny, with our fears and incompetency. The game has still not ended, the high fives still not shared, there is room for more spirits, more beauties, and more heroes to do their fantastic do’s. Life did not end on the last day of 2016. You can say a new game of challenges has started. Life still lies, is awake and wants to come back in form. We have been what was expected from us this passing year. But in the next one we will surely shine and be what is unexpected, a true fantasy, a phenomenon worth experiencing. We will be number one, do number one and take our lives to a new zenith of perfection.2016 has left us only to make us more responsible, maturer, abler and more fun.2016 wants us to shine brighter, live smarter and understand and learn double from life’s chapters. In this new year let us resolve to quit fear, disability and let us strive for worthier goals. Let us learn from our failures, let us take stands for righteous causes, let us celebrate the joy of existence better and let us make this year even in all respects despite it holding an odd identity.

2017-welcome pal.

Give great power and knowledge to every guy and gal.

Let us feel your presence rightly to make our lives better.

Let us get all we want only by way of our efforts.

You are welcome to make us learn, make us toil, make us laugh, cry and sing, and make us empowered beings.

You give us directions, we do the rest. And we assure you we

won’t let you down, will be the bests.

So friends let us start 2017 on a happy energetic note and try our bests to make it special in our lives. It’s another lease offered from God’s hand to us to be what we still are not, do what we haven’t still done and lastly have all the fun.2017 is born odd,but we are there to make it even with our efforts, enthusiasm, spirits, zeal, heart, minds and that beautiful smile which sure looks special.





Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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