The vision of difference

Once upon a time, there lived an old lady, Mrs. Jane Courtney Smith. She was a great person to know and had a personality which was worth appreciating. She was beautiful, kind, generous, cooperative and healthy at heart and mind and was possessing a larger than life jovial spirit. She had come to a respectable age of ninety years and was always a keen one at trying to find sweet and enjoyable moments whenever and wherever she could. She had three daughters and two sons along with a dozen bundle of joys in the form of her sweetlings, her grandchildren. She was an enthusiastic and very spirited person and her daily routine used to be the talk of the town. She did all the work of her house and treated the servants so kindly that they could never feel being lesser than her own children and would sacrifice their lives for her at any moment and for any reason. She used to walk around her whole neighborhood twice daily, would make her food herself and would treat her servants to a great treat every day in the backyard of her house. She used to love and take care of all the maids Nina, Tara, Nona, Julia, Kimberley and was a steady supporter in all their joys and sorrows. But unfortunately she was losing her health and her eyesight and a day came when she went totally blind. Now a reputed doctor was called to treat her. The doctor according to records was a good one but when he saw the huge wealth and an established empire of Mrs.Jane, some shady thoughts about grabbing her wealth also passed through his mind. It took her six months to get treated and the lucky day came when she was supposed to be okay and perfect again. Her eye cover was removed and she desired to take a tour of her mansion. When after going around half of the house including the gardens, bedrooms and swimming pool she felt that something was seriously wrong and missing in her house. She could not find the mahogany furniture, her beautiful showpieces, her collectibles, which she had collected by touring the whole world and bought at mammoth prices. She searched but was unable to find her cigar she had bought from Africa, the golden rocking chair made of pure gold, the diamond jewellery she had so keenly purchased from London, the special cutlery she had got from the Prince of Persia, the exotic diamond ring she was presented by the Sheikh of Dubai and many such things. She was amazed and worried about their disappearance. She wondered about the whereabouts of her priceless belongings. And then a plan entered her mind. She suddenly started to stagger and suddenly fainted. The doctor took her to her room and gave her a medicine. After some time when she came back to her senses she cried out loud that she was not able to see anything from her eyes. And this shocked the doctor who said that she had just toured the house and had said that she was able to see everything and her eyesight had returned. At this the lady said, well I am unable to see most of my favorite pieces of furniture, my jewelry, my cigar, my collectibles and cutlery which were very special to me and which I had collected and had taken good care of for around twenty years now. They meant a lot to me and were very close to my heart. They were always taken good care of in my house and never were dislocated from their positions. But when I toured the house I was sadly not able to find them which has caused me grief and I think my eyes have not got their vision back and that they still need treatment. So sorry to say, doctor, you still need to work on me because I am not going to pay you a single penny as your work still is incomplete. The doctor was astonished at hearing this and became a bit nervous. He then sat down for some time and then confessed to the lady that he had stolen the artifacts and every other thing which the lady was not able to find. When he first came to the lady’s house he was surprised to find the massive amount of wealth and such lavishness and this led greed to enter his mind. He decided to slowly steal the items and so the lady was not able to find them. So this led things to get in place and the lady also said that she too was lying about her blindness as she was able to see very well. Now she got her loved belongings back and she paid the right amount of fees to the doctor and said that she would not put up the case in court. She was finally very happy, relaxed and satisfied as she got back her vision, her loved ones and also her close to heart collectibles and this made God very happy and he further blessed her with a long, happy and peaceful life. She lived till ninety-eight years and made lots of money by the many businesses she carried on and finally said goodbye to life safely finding her way into heaven and beyond.

So a thing which becomes clear from this story is that greed will not give you everything, it may put you into more of unwanted trouble and give you the unwanted and unexpected.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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