What would become?

What would become if the tempo of life died?

What would become if the world was lost in blunders like materialistic well being, the end of the world and extreme satisfaction levels?

What would become if the sun died and the moon took over as the new boss?

What would become if nature changed its way of existence and wanted to take over a new look like with no sunshine, no rainfalls and no flowers to admire and no breezes to blow?

What would become if androids took over as level two human beings and commanded all?

What would become if cactuses replaced flowers and what would happen if there was no one to hear and obey God’s orders and calls?

What would become if love died a sad death?

What would happen if no one shouted the songs of success at the top of their breaths?

What would happen if Romeo felt no love for Juliet?

What would happen if anger and cruelty became the hot ways of influencing everyone?

What would happen if you could never combine a nut life cut in half to reach the right combo in sum?

What would happen if the right causes lost track to reach the destination of properness?

What would happen if right lost the war to wrong?

What would happen if man started becoming lost and started madly deviating and doing the unwanted at humanity’s cost?

What would happen if no tenderness touched souls and when devils and manhood could not be discriminated?

What would happen if you could not know where to shop for self-satisfaction and where to find the holy river of reason to clean your infected dark conscience and set the right ahead of the wrong?

Then maybe your head would start to burn, heart would sink and your life would not be able to find a small space of life inside your body and would proceed towards the door of doom.

You won’t be able to stop seeing hell and your voice would not be able to reach the guard of heaven who could do the needful.

Then maybe you would remember the day you met me, the days you spent in love fever which reached limits many times uncountable in between us and the many reasons you loved me for the glorious moments we spent with each other roaming the land of love and the first touch of your hands in mine. You won’t forget anything because all this was real never a dream, and you were my everything I wanted to live and die for.

Then why did you do the unwanted, why did you let me go, why could you not feel my pain for you when you did what you did. Why was there that look in your eyes, why you could forget my true love for you and why you wanted to let me go? How could you be what I never wanted you to be? But well you turned out my greatest weakness I never wanted to have. You were the one, Jack Wilson who wanted the weather of love, wellness, joys to go and endless blackness dwell on our relationship. Well, you were the reasons of my final despair and pain, my tears, and an unforgettable story. You will always recall everything when the heavens will shine brightly for a while unleashing a cursed life hellish for you. I don’t still wish it for you but it has to be so. Jack Wilson, you were the best part of my life and now you are its worst. I always wanted to¬†know the better real part of you other than what I came to know. I cannot forget and forgive you but still won’t deny admitting that the love is still not lost and the moments of togetherness have not been erased from my mind. Well, I wish to rise again for the sake of true love and wish I would meet you again as a true one in a second life which will come up to my mark and will give me what I always wanted -true love.






Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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