United Warriors

Pain is the guiding path to fulfilling pleasures.’

United we stood, divided we could have fallen. Life was all so good, so perfect. It could never have been better, was headed towards best and brightest for us all. We had now been satisfied to the core, laughing in the summer, glorifying in the winters, singing in the spring and dancing and loving each other unconditionally in the falls. There was fun and frolic, joys swinging on branches, flowers of fantasy swaying to the tune of good life, joys clattering and spreading golden melody all over, spirits being crazy to the power of infinity. There was no room for anything except love, fun, enjoyment, happiness, and blessing of God, pure and divine. We had been given a set of rainbow eyes to see all glorious and rosy colored in rainbow set of shades where every evening was heavenly leading up to a smiling sunrise. The singing by the bamboo trees, the merry walks along the lily pond with our pet dog, my sweet Sam, it was just great being awarded the best life in a dream come true scenario in the finest abode with finest people.

My Dad.

As we celebrated each day we had the company of the whole universe, the stars, flowers, moon, and the sun. Dad would leave for work and then we would have our rock show, the fun plan ready. I wondered what went so special about us in God’s ways that we were showered with unlimited showers of bliss and blessings of him as golden rays. But then what was the reason for the dark conspiracy and who had taken the wicked and evil shelter of unwanted crime. Why had this to happen and why were we made the innocent victims of destiny’s cruel trick. The house fell, the home was shaken, the bonds were strangled to the limits. The blooming flowers died a sudden death, birds forgot their songs, the noblest, strongest, purest had been harmed. The next morning wore darkness as its veil and the rays of sun now could not lighten even tiny specks of our minds and lives. We were struggling for dear respite like dying weary travelers in a desert. We saw, hear and felt like none could ever. It was a nightmarish shock all at once. But the rock was being formed in our hearts to make us brave hearts.


My super brother, Priyam.

The revolt thus started. For getting our universe back from the unknown scoundrel crouched in the shadows. To fight all wars, cross all hurdles, drink with the devil and do everything. To get DAD back. It was really an unexpected calamity that dad unexpectedly got spinal tuberculosis and then came eye to eye with death in the form of double brain strokes separated by only a few minutes we knew that luck had turned its back on us. But we could not do the same. Courage seemed to be the need of the moment along with prayers to our Goddess, our second hope along with the superhero, the God in disguise, the angel of the moment and the pride of our stride, my brother, Priyam. Being only twenty-seven he had proven to be worthy hundred per cent. His side of the story was pathetic when he had to see his father collapse in front of him and he had to rush him to the nearest hospital not losing a single second as it becomes difficult to save a brain stroke patient who is not given medical attention within one hour. He could not let go the only chance to get daddy back from the cruel claws of death. A chance for us to smile and see life with our eyes again. Nothing could be more awful and bitter to me than having to fly to Delhi alone with mom and to visit dad in ICU for the next two months wishing and praying to God every day for his recovery. It was all a very heavy pile of life on my shoulders and I could never in this phase control my tears. But someone controlled them for me, for the sake of being strong and for the sake of my sick dad. It was time for us to be united, in mind and heart to stand against the situation, fight back with full strength, determination and courage to get what was rightfully ours, our beloved, jewel, pride, the source of all happiness in life. We could sense mountains being formed inside us to give us power and to prove that the wish of three true souls may be the strongest at the moment if they had to be. For four months I lived or I can say prayed alone in a guest house with my mom, she too being unwell with her breathing issues and dry coughing which never left her in peace and paying visits two times a day to dad, sitting by his side and wishing all to become okay again. He was paralyzed, unable to speak, had blurred vision, was unable to control his motions and was on liquid diets only. He just stared at us and tried to smile. And I smiled back, to give him some spirit and wishing to see him as himself again. My bro did all else, take care of him, sleep a disturbed uncomfortable and worried sleep on a chair for two months, do the needful with the docs, discuss issues and even muster the spirit to smile at us. Times passed heavily in the meantime but slowly maybe due to our prayers dad’s situation started to improve. Now luck showed brighter as he was gaining his senses back and finally one very lucky day he got discharged from the hospital being advised rest, proper care and no worries. We did everything to save him and God granted this wish of mine very thankfully. We helped him regain his health and as is said wonders do happen. Where the best doc had left us in doubts about his overall condition in later part of life saying he would not improve too much, now, on the contrary, he could walk, talk see and carry himself well, sometimes even laugh out heartily.

My mom.

He had served Indian Oil Corporation for 32 years in the best way and retired finally as head of the unit, Executive Director of Barauni Refinery with pride, good wishes, and love of all people of the place. We came to our residence finally in Noida, a town on the outskirts of Delhi.

Me, Ambika.

We now are resuming life on a healthier and happier note, trying to focus more on everyone’s health, especially dad, our special gift from God and now we see life more realistically not being drowned in fantasies of any kind. We have now come to know the power of true prayer and united efforts. We have now learned to be smarter, stronger, wiser, careful, cautious and more hopeful, optimistic in life because the reign of life is in our hands only, it depends on how we handle it. Dad is now fine, not on strict medicines but strict diet and living habits. And he manages to surprise us with beautiful morning messages and green tea with a healthy smile. We are happy to have finally won the war, to firmly take our footings in life and have learned much from life and diseases, and the power of God. We have gone through a strict learning phase of life which has left us rich in many ways. Rich in experience, rich in the faith of God, rich in knowledge and rich with the presence and love of our truest companion of life, for all of us, our dad.

Dad, stay healthy happy and blessed forever. You are our inspiration and a blessing both. Love you always as your daughter, Ambika. And great wishes for my brave bro, Priyam for giving us our joys back, wishing him good luck in all his endeavors. And wishing mom too a healthy phase of life as she showed lots of courage and patience beyond her capacities.

”Every time the load appears too heavy remember your inner self which will do the needful and never underrate the power in a prayer.It may prove miraculous.”

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I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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