Calling Gia

It was pleasant,a pleasant wintry afternoon. I went about the house, sometimes picking a thing up and tripping on another in the next moment. Starting with Gia, my five-year old’s room, it was a sweet disaster and into the zone called ‘The happy, cute super messy comfort area’.Here I was smothered with workload because the extra helps also were gone for the day,it being a holiday.I wondered when in God’s name did doting mothers and caring wives get a break?Could not worry more for Suchi, my elder apple, daughter, as she was more proper and I knew that she could take care of herself.And maid Nina,was all set according to memsaab!Doing her ‘directed to work in her best ways and that too with all smiles’.Sid was off early because of an extra important meeting,as usual and expecting an extra tolerable attitude from me. Wasn’t that asking for too much?The winds blew now with a harder tempo.And still lots of work remained to be completed.Then I remembered about Gia, my little angel, as I had not seen her for more than an hour now.I searched here and there,all around,inside the house,in the kitchen but she was nowhere.I kept running here and there,checked on her neighbourhood friends,the ‘Fun and food mania’,a small community garden in front of my house but nope,she was nowhere to be found.Now anxiety was getting the better of me and I thought of calling 911.But then I caught hold of small footprints in the sandy lane and Gia’s teddy on the crossing over my garden to the small park,near the river,prohibited from trespassing by people because of wild animal’s intervention at times.Now I was getting pretty sure that she had been kidnapped.I went to the boundary and climbed it to get on to the other side.All around was darkness,the area covered with long,dense trees,wild shrubs growing in plenty giving the place a dangerous look.I called Gia,Gia and then saw tiny footprints again going towards the waterfall.I was scared to death this time.After lots of hopeless loitering to my lefts,rights and all about I heard the faint sound of a girl’s voice singing slowly.Then I saw Gia sitting in a small clearing with an injured baby elephant.It lay on the ground with its eyes closed and saw that it was hurt.Nearby were rabbits, squirrels, birds, baby monkeys,and Gia was taking out a thorn from the leg of the elephant.Interestingly a big bunch of multicoloured butterflies kept hovering above Gia’s head and went nowhere.Very daringly I went towards Gia and the elephant opened its eyes and made a move by which I got scared.But Gia smiled and said,’Ma don’t be afraid.He’s my friend.And all other animals in this jungle can be my friends too if you only pat them on their back’.The whole place seemed to be nodding in acceptance to me. The trees shook happily, the flowers danced, the river water flowed and the same bunch of butterflies kept surrounding us till we reached the boundary wall to return. Gia kept crying and telling that her hurt buddy must be feeling cold and looking out for her. The jungle appeared sad,flowers were shedding tears,mood was down clearly,and the butterflies kept moving in circles and calling-Gia, Gia, Gia,come back,don’t leave us,don’t you go. I somehow managed to crossover. I was all thanks to God for giving me Gia back. At night I felt that the whole jungle was very sad because of Gia’s absence. There seemed to be a deep connection between Gia and the animals. An idea came to my mind.I,Sharbani and Sid decided to purchase the land behind our present house and turn it into a zoo. We bought all the animals and the baby elephant who was named Yino,became Gia’s best buddy. The animals were marvelous and this turned into a full-fledged home business and we named it ‘Gia’s Wonder World’ and she¬†made many true friends in the zoo and she spent great times with Yino, who continued to be her humble and understanding buddy for ten years and counting. He played with her cricket, basketball, gave her joyrides, ate goodies from her hand, smiled and even winked at her to express his love. Now times have flown lots and certain things have changed, Gia has all grown up and got married, her dad is no more, and I have grown older. Gia’s two beautiful angels,Riya and Raima have now taken their mother’s place. The zoo business works well and it brings in lots of money, half of which is given to local charities and the state treasury. The things which still remain as such are Gia’s sweet memories with us and her animal kingdom,the emotions of the zoo inhabitants for us,Yino,who is very old now but cannot forget ever about us and specially Gia and God’s blessings on us for keeping us together and giving us satisfaction in our lives with whatever we do and whatever we get. I feel that day was very special when I felt a real thing for the betterment of us and our lives which changed it for good. I can’t believe that this big transformation in our lives was only because of Gia,her curiosity and the wonderful calling butterflies,calling butterflies.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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