Pride pays in shame

Once there was a God named Cronos in heaven who had the notion that he was a very likable and sought after God whom people liked a lot on earth and other planets. So he used to brag a lot amongst his other God-friends about his fame, his power and his overall accomplishments in life. So one day an idea came to his mind that he must visit earth and see for himself what the mortal thought about him and surely they must be very influenced by him and kept him in the highest esteem. So one fine day, he took a mortal avatar and came to the country called India. There walking down a pathway on a Monday evening he came to a park and saw a sculptor selling the statues of various Gods and Goddesses as it was a Monday exclusive sale. He overheard the conversation between two buyers and the sculptor when selling the statue of Sun God who said that, ‘oh, it was a very beautiful and auspicious statue, cost a lot and was selling very fast. Then one seller was selling the statue of Goddess Durga and said that it too was very costly what with the fine handmade effort done on it to color and decorate it. Similarly came the list of other much sought-after gods like Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Greek Gods Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesh, Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Laxmi, The Goddess Annapurna and the list continued till late dusk. In one of the corners, he found his statue too. Now the God Cronos was full to the brim with confidence and pride that his statue must be the one with the highest ranking in price and must be in the heart of the sculptor or the buyers. His statue would be so complete, so graceful and beautiful and must be the attraction point of the sale and everyone must be going crazy to buy it, making it the jackpot piece in the whole shop. So he approached the sculptor and asked the prices of some of the nearby statues. Then coming to his own he asked, ‘and how much would it be for this superb, auspicious, extraordinary, so holy and explicitly carved statue, the likes of which I have never seen before?’ And the sculptor replied with no concern, even not looking at the buyer -Well sir, I may give it to you for free because it did not attract any purchase and I am thinking of demolishing it as it’s using my space and customers did not even look at it for once. This was enough answer and wisdom which was needed for the God Cronos at that moment and well I wish it gave him an eyeopening to become a better God leaving pride and vanity because pride always pays in shame.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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