Happy Times

It’s to my amazement how fast time flies. In one life lots of twisted turns, stories, events, and phenomena pass by. Times are good and bad and happy and sad. But they are really teachers in disguise which on the whole make us wise, giving us a hope and spirit to see the next sunrise. Life is an art which can take different forms. Once it can make you the empress of your comfort zone and on the other side can make you problem-prone. People need a balance to continue and to pursue their goals. To fulfill them, they play many varied roles. Man is not a loner and he never can be. He lives to love and loves to live. He or she exists for a reason, cause and for a person special at least in one sense. The feeling of togetherness is the biggest booster for a mortal and he can go to depths of insanity and discomfort without it. Man lives to fulfill his wishes, to enjoy in joys he has, to learn from events and to bask in the glories of adventure. Everyone wants for himself a happy moment, a happy time and the whole of world affairs revolves around finding the best treats of life by any means. What would this world be without some fun, without the adventure and without comforting and interesting moments? It would be just so very ordinary and bland. All are in search of good, merry and happy moments and for life’s other presents. For me happy times are those when days are golden, nights are moonlit. Happy times are those when you make me promise things and I swear to fulfill them my whole lifetime. Happy times are those when you look in my eyes and say, ‘I wanna keep looking into them because they take me to a different world and nothing can afford to distract me’. Happy times are those when I want to be in your arms and that would be my heaven for now and ever. Happy times are those when I could see you and only you the whole time and that would give me the sweetest feeling ever I could get. Happy times are those when I cook for you and you eat for me. Happy times are those when I kiss you goodbye to work. Happy times are those when I send you fiftys of messages the same day and when you apologize for not having time to reply to them all. Happy times are those when I dress up just the way you want me to and put on your favorite jewelry. Happy times are those when I find ten minutes each day to have for myself in which I pray for your welfare, our togetherness, and a great life for both of us. Happy times are those when I feel the pricks of pain in your hand before you do, when I can’t stop uttering -Steve, I love you, I love you. Happy times are those when I cherish your touch, when I praise you for all your efforts and when I appreciate you truly for being my support of life. Happy times don’t just sit there for me without your presence and happy times are not those when I cannot smell your essence which you have spread in my life. I have to admit that I never felt better before than on being your wife,Julia. And I am here to make everything right. Happiness is a state of mind which is true with me when you are around. Our love is deepest,purest and flows in our hearts being profound. I have erased the world and other boundaries that try to distract me from you. Happy times have been and will be always with you where ever you are and whatever you do. I can never explain or prove how much I love you. I can go around telling and yelling that I have been in a fantasy world with you Steve and would never breathe without you somewhere near me. From the moment I saw you happy times started to follow me. And I wish our life and love remains always blessed by the Almighty. Happy times could never be without you ever. I hope they be there for you and me forever.

All are entitled to happy times. But before that try to be a girl and boy very noble and very fine. Never lose that positive urge and shine and be more than you should be for world and life. It’s never too late for anything but don’t be late to listen to your heart. Be the best till the end from the start.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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