Sometimes things turn finer from fine. Sometimes my mood gets a happier shine. Sometimes I feel better and want to really excel. Sometimes I get the strength to propel. Farther, soar higher, rise and raise myself to the zenith and touch the sky. I stop being loathsome, depressed and downhearted. I stop judging things being a Hitler and ask unwanted whats, wheres, and whys. Sometimes my feet try to juggle, my hands start to dance and my heart wants to smile in real and feel beautiful. My body wants to make a move and craves for a groove. Sometimes colors splash in front of my eyes. Sometimes I start to grasp the mystery meaning of life. Sometimes I try to not relate life with logic and hey, I stumble on a piece of fun for me. Sometimes crazy becomes the new normal and black becomes the new pink. Sometimes I try to feel more than better and stop being a traditional success-crazy materialistic go-getter who is only mad to be all-time special. Now sometimes I try to be what I haven’t been before. And I score more for sure. Sometimes I roughly snatch and throw my worries out of my head and feel that I am again alive to witness a new and better beginning after I was yesterday dead and thus end this period of continuing worthlessness. Sometimes I can track life’s essence better than before. And I promise myself to be a bit different, every day in every way for sure. Sometimes I want to know less and be more. Sometimes I want to care and love others better and feel pious and pure. Sometimes I want to question self on many aspects and pay this life’s learning phase my humble respects. Sometimes all makes no sense when it should. And I feel I could have been whackier than needed to come in the ‘smarty pant girls category’ of my friends’ books. Sometimes the idea of love means much to me. Sometimes the idea of being a repeated nerd goes down the drain and I want to question my attitudes, my roles, my self-setups and my total disabilities in enjoying life fullest being a real shot of a super girl. Sometimes life tries me to take me in the mode of attention and know unknown lessons that I haven’t known till now. Sometimes life wants me to become ‘Miss Cool, Ooh and Wow.’Sometimes life tries to dance for me making sexy moves. It tries to take me out of outdated regimens and beliefs and give me golden wings so that I fly high, see the beauty of life, self and world a shade better and all shades best. Sometimes meanings start to become crap when the sense of freedom and real spirits on your shoulders tap. Sometimes established ideologies and superstitions start to crumble and fall. And you rectify them with your better, nascent, valid and thoughtful ideas and theories and stand tall. Sometimes the obvious loses its position to the mysteriously magical and life looks cuter with the touch of a bit whimsical. When we are moving forward with singing spirits and true knowledge of life then such moments enter our realms, just sometimes to change us for best and bring the same out of us making us worthy boys and girls. Why is it that the world needs someone to give it the right direction and message. And this is done by a special someone who comes past us as a breeze with his specialty but this happens occasionally, just sometimes. Once in a while……

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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