Life, our one big passion, our one big pain. It is for us but are we for it truly game? We do so much in it, still are unsatisfied. The fires though keep on burning, of survival, of existence, of life, in many twists and turns. We are innocent victims of destiny, now not knowing what for us it will cook and churn. Life, it’s our gift, a challenge mostly and our one empty notebook we have to fill, with our lines, images and our experiences. We have to move on, with our lucky charmers, our treasures, our unwanted disturbances. It’s made up of a mix-n-match of our reflections whether good or bad. For some we are pained for some we are glad. It’s made precisely of moments, the heart of life and it’s soul too. These give sometimes some inspiration to keep going on, sometimes they bring back forgotten golden experiences which had died never to come back to life again. Moments when you could first feel your mom’s touch and understand her love.Moments when dad first took you in his arms and cuddled you to let you feel the warmth of a relationship.Moments when bro and sissy played with you and did every possible act to make you laugh and giggle.Moments when grandma would put you in the garden and you plucked her lovely,’precious more than life’ roses and the pink tulips out.Moments when your shady deed was caught near the fridge eating that last bit of pumpkin pie.Moments when you stole sissy’s report card and she was all so crazy and aghast finding it.Moments when you brought a dirty little pup in your room and taught, Lori how to dance and sing.Moments when you would throw the milk given to you by mom very secretly being super secret agent ‘Davis’.Moments when you wanted to be a better rock star than Elvis.Moments when you came seventh in grades, moments when you started to understand the language of love and its shades.Moments when you met Nicky, the love of your life and thanked God for this awesome chance and super meet.Moments when you finally graduated and got a job now ably standing on your feet.Moments which are the lungs of life.Moments which really make this lonesome and pale life energized, revitalized and beautiful. With colors, love, fun, fancies and everything, you would have wanted. Moments do the needed work, better and better all the way. They are special every time because you felt them to be complete anyway. Some moments make us laugh, some make us love, some sad and some glad. Moments are bridges which bridge the gap between the ‘lost you’ and the ‘messed up one’, to come up with the ‘best you’ which you too had forgotten ever existed anymore. Moments when you first felt a touch, when you first put down your tiny feet to stand strong and smart, moments when you first felt a stir in your heart, a sensation on seeing someone, moment when you became stronger, sensible and knew you were ready to fight this war called life well. These moments are truly the highlighted part of your life which make you smile, feel strong, feel sad maybe and which give you a feeling to start afresh. Moments are so tender, so beautiful, they never die or fade away. They take you on a journey of your past, help you recollect beautiful tit-bits and stop time for you once to let you get its feel. They are the reasons for our lives, our dedicated efforts, because each piece of time you have lived in, you want to go back to it. A moment of a good feel is worth the troubles of a lifetime. If in a single one you felt better, be satisfied with your life, however, it is. Moments bring specialty together. Moments help us feel better, they cuddle us in their arms and make us relive beautiful memories. Moments bring to life forgotten histories. Moments do everything to bring a smile to our lips, a zing to our spirits and a twist in our feet. Without memories to look back to, we would be missing life’s unforgettable treat. Each moment is special in its own way. So live all of them loud, happy and color them best with your creative self, your special contributions. Make each day, each moment special by having tenderness and gentleness in heart. Make each moment a bit mad, a bit colorful, a bit light and a bit sexy. Let moments do the talking. You sit back and enjoy them. Moments create magic. They create remarkable stories. Moments are always to be preserved. Let them reign on and shine. And make moments so worthy, you feel proud to say, these moments are so great they define awesomeness and they are mine!!!

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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