The rains were finally for good

L-i-f-e.The four-letter magic.It really is something.Well till that moment, before believing in the above-mentioned line, I knew for sure that it was a bullshit, a cheater, white collar crook and a prolific deceiver.But all the same, I am quite amazed at its ways, its direction, the cheat and treat thing and final touch of excellence.Well, let me make you come to terms with me and my story.Hi, there I am Lorie Jolie. I live in the U.S.A. I am 28 years old and I am what I think I should not have been.My story begins, when I was living in San Francisco with my mom, dad, two younger sissies, Valerie and Samantha and a small bro, Alex.Life was what I always wanted it to be, my best gift from the Almighty.We were perfect beautiful and happy people with love and pure bondings to start with and a great going life.I thought that God had showered all goodies and shown all grace on me and no one could be luckier than me.I had everything to make me look, perfect-a supportive family, loving siblings, good neighbors and great school buddies.Then I completed my high school and was headed towards college.The days went fine as I was completing my majors in Child Psychology and French language.But then I met Allan Pitt, who was my senior and we knew we had something between us.I, personally had an instant crush on him and we started to like each other.Somethings, at times, go out of your control and fly out sticking wings out so high that you can do nothing but fly.We were finally in love, all multicolored one.We used to spend lots or to say all of our time together and it seemed to me, one day, that I could not live without him anymore.So I asked him out for marriage but he did not agree.This came as a shocker.Then another day, mom and dad decided to go to a friend’s place who lived in the nearby town of Kerby shire. It started to rain.They had left saying they would be back by night but what came back was the news of their death.It brought our world crumbling down and we were paralyzed mentally to each and every bit.It seemed to me that we had been cursed making us the sole bearers of misfortune, left alone to cry, live or die.It was a tough calling on me posed by life and I was finding it hard to keep steady from going crazy.It was going to be really difficult without my mom and dad, without Allan and without my confidence.I now was a changed person to every shredded bit who had the responsibility of my innocent siblings, poor me and this poor, poor, so poor life.Well, I was now undoubtedly the supreme queen of tatters.The one girl alone of her college who was once called as the ‘free silly birdie always a bit crazy and always a bit cute‘ now had to don the robes of seriousness and attitudes.I now had to start acting like the mom and dad both, for my family left to me.I would do their home works, attend their school meetings, sing, and dance to them and give them the security they needed most.But I too needed someone who would be there at times of my need.And maybe God himself wanted to play that part for me.And there were other obligations of life as well.The bills of the house, sister’s fees still were unpaid.I was struggling with my job and getting paid very untimely.There was no support from anywhere and life’s load was getting too heavy on me.Sometimes thoughts of quitting too crossed my mind.But then, here I had to think not only for myself but for the very precious other part of me, my left family.I had no headways, nowhere to go, no hopes left and my spirits started to dampen, leaving my body bit by bit, day by day.And then to say, something happened.Well, one of my old time neighbors Mrs.Melissa Brown heard of this tragedy and being a good friend of my family’s, one day came to visit me from Seattle.She consoled and loved me and others and offered me some money which she said I could repay later. She said that back there in her place there were many vacancies open in many sectors and that I should try my luck there.Well that, I said, had to be thought about.I had nothing with me now, here, no money, no caretakers, no security of life and no happiness.So I was there in Seattle with my siblings and luckily, Mrs.Brown gave me her own place to shelter in.I started to complete my leftover degree and also job hunt.There were vacancies open in nursing, technical ones, as an educationist.I used to help Melissa with her chores also,look after my family too.I eventually started to grow a fondness and love for Melissa just like my mom.She too loved us heartily.I used to take walks in the Redwood Greens, our place and used to unwind my mind from all the pain and worries that my small yet strong head carried.I used to meet many young kids, girls and all seemed to be so merry with their lives and their stuff. It left me as the odd one out and was quite sad for me considering the fact that I did not deserve this fate,not even unwillingly.Well out of all the sightings on the way, I used to see a young boy maybe just two or three years older than me, sitting in a wheelchair.Another boy, maybe his brother or his friend used to regularly take him out for evening walks.He was, probably a handicap, not able to walk.The kids used to offer him flowers, talk to him and play with him.One day, Alex, Valerie, and Samantha while playing went inside this paralyzed boy’s house and when I went in they were already having a merry time.I introduced myself and noticed that the boy was very handsome and he kind of initially, stared at me, too much.Well I asked his name, he was Nathan Bennett and his friend was also an Alex, but he was Alex Ferguson and Nathan was the son of the town’s ex-mayor.He had met with an unfortunate car accident when going on a picnic with his friends and was seriously injured, resulting in handicap ness of his legs and the fact that he could not walk.But other than that I found him a very joyous and sensible, sometimes with a very sweet smile and a beautiful look in his eyes.We struck a good chord of friendship and I used to visit him quite often at his place or meet him in the evenings at walks or be out running errands for Melissa.We used to talk on various subjects,our childhood,the pranks we played and the way we enjoyed with our individual families.The bondings sure started to grow.We talked,we laughed,we told tales and we helped each other out in most of the things we could.Times passed by and things started to look better and balanced too.But I could still not come to terms with all that had happened in that short span of time with me, losing my love, my parents, and having to deal with so much of responsibilities and having to cope with the hard part of life being harder and smarter.Well, we did our jobs and maybe God was doing his.Everything seemed to be coming to normal with life, with work, with the laughter, with the fun, with the hopes, and with love too.But one of them who was still untouched with all this was me, poor me, all alone, all suspended in the sadness zone and unsure about many things around, in me.Then on one Sunday, due to the heavy duty experience of boredom, I decided to change the S to the F.So we decided to go on a picnic and have a good time.And now the question was who would accompany us apart from Melissa and my siblings and both of them voted for Nathan and Alex and Julia from the next block.Well, I had no objection with it, only if, I could feel better and do some photography,it being my passion from childhood.So we decided to visit Blue Lake Valley, a newly developed tourist attraction near to the Bridge stone lake, too famous for its true blue waters,the occasional sharks in it and all the beautiful sceneries too much to handle with your naked eyes.There was also the infamous Villa Parka,a collection of mansions,the beautiful valleys and the neat,superb town of Rosewood famous for its fruit gardens and the rosewood trees which smelt like fresh roses every time you rubbed them out.We were all set to go and after exchanging pleasantries, we put our stuff in the big yellow wagon with some cookie filled mouths and fun mood and beauty smiles on our faces.We played Bingo and Tic-tac all the way, ate the coconut cookies and drank ginger ale.Soon we arrived at our destination and all chose their spots and got busy making out the most of the time.Children were playing and soon it started to get darker.I was with Nathan and Alex had to go because of some engagement which came up.We drifted a bit farther from the kids.I was taking snaps, laughing at poor jokes by Nathan. And then someone shouted hard, oh, and, it was Alex.I ran towards him and saw he was clinging to the high cliff near the parked wagon, crying.Below the cliff was a dangerous waterfall falling straight in the nearby lake. Valerie and Sam were nowhere near.I cried out and just ran as fast as I could towards him.I caught his hand and just as I pulled him to safety, my legs slipped and now I was straight in the waters.Next thing that I could remember was darkness and frenzied gasps for breath.Being in the water I could find no anchors to hold on to.But then a hand caught hold of me and I was in the arms of none other than my savior of the minute, Nathan.He climbed the cliff back and put me down.All the amazement aside, the best part of the picture was, I saw Nathan on his feet.He came closer to me and hugged me.It was really awesome.He laughed and cried together and then said, ‘Lorie, you came into my life and gave me back my smile,won’t you stay in it forever so that I could make you feel the best.Because of you I could walk and feel the power I knew I had lost forever.You made me alive again to let me feel joy and love again and see life, see you.You’re the one mercy angel, beautiful than I could have thought you to be.Yes, Lorie, I love you, don’t leave me, I need you to see the better part of life with you, through your eyes and feel the power of love being above all others.Now, wait a minute what was happening?I had to handle many shockers today and this was the googly.Well seeing Nathan, his courage, his concern for me and my family I knew he was the one for me who could really love me and give me the joys which had left me never to come again.Now there was no stopping and waiting for more, this was the miracle I could not get again, it was my chance to feel something precious again and see life with a renewed spirit.So,I ran in his arms and we kissed each other.And yes, at this moment, it started to pour washing away all my woes and worries as I went into another world with Nathan, his essence, and eternal magic all around.Alex was saved so was Nathan from the clutches of handicapness and two pure souls were united in the bond of love starting a tale of never-ending truthful bonds in life, for life.So when leaving the place, I thanked God for giving me my smile,joys and purpose of life back and I said, Well the other day, rains had come to sweep my luck away from me and this was another day, when rains had come to give me all back and I said they were for good, of course.I had kissed life back to change destinies and sweep the magic all around.

So come whatever in life, the hardship is just a current to wash you to the shores and be thankful, well it gave you the chance to swim. Be thankful to all forces good and bad for all the experiences you came by, because its one life, one you, so why not change the rhythm and create a masterpiece as you groove to the music of life. You can, you will. You are your own celebration for each good thing happening to you, through you. So rejoice for finding yourself and the chance to celebrate.Enjoy.The downs are clowns and the winners are not sinners too. So never say die…you will not because the sun too will agree with you if you are wanting it!!! Three cheers to humans and humanity, the only zoners and zone known for their greatness in running a mess-n-grease affair called, maybe,,urr, Life.


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I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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  1. Hi,Ambika. I’ve nominated you for’The Fabulous Chef and Cuisines Award.’Congrats.Just check this link out— you like it.


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