Only One Moment

There was darkness dancing with cruel shadows. When I could feel senselessness flowing deep in my veins. The world was merry with celebrations unending and my heart cried, my¬†tears pouring down like heavy rains. The faces blurred, the voices were drowned, all over only echoed the songs of sadness and every element of the universe was ready to grace me with ‘The Eternal Gloomy Queen¬†Crown.’I felt powerless and useless and now it seemed that every picture was all dark, vast and dangerous. I now had forgotten my purpose. World wars were being fought in my heart with all the blood and all the gore and they were asking for more. I felt none of the stirs of life which make your existence defined. Everywhere glooms abounded and my taste for living with confidence took to the sidelines. What now remained was a permanent state of nothingness, a hollow. Now I could not lead but ghosts of misfortune choose me to follow. What I was before in time seemed a dream, now could see only traces of it that too being steadily wiped out. I could not understand this transformation and wanted to quit. I was a story of doom and a picture of pain. I was for life, filled with tremendous hatred and disdain. It appeared my system was trying to conspire. It was the reason I could not perspire. Terrible,horrible were my thoughts,which carried curses for world and danced and roamed smart ‘Warriors of Doom’all about. It was now time to take the plunge, to challenge my self.No, I asked for no help. To put things in place,to stop all the disgrace. In life, I had lost all which I thought was enough for me to take things to the last level. Now, this world and poor life appeared a joke. Unknowingly, I was turning into a volatile rogue. But then suddenly, my eyes looked down on the table beside me and yes, I saw a flicker of light, of hope, in his picture and eyes. He was there. Those beautiful eyes, all worldly wise. His smile and thought calmed me well and I somehow knew he would pull me out of hell. I remembered his presence, it had a mesmerizing essence, his touch gave back my purpose, his words worked magic for me to bring me back to life, to choose the pen instead of the knife. Who was he, an angel, a messenger from the heavens, I did not know. But whatever he would have been wanting to conceal, showed straight in his eyes and it could be called love for me, Jane. And I knew,in a flashy moment that he would be my saviour without whom I would never be the same. If life was a game, I had my backups already ready to play this game with power. I knew if I loved and believed in him, God would fill my world again with happiness showers. Where had he been till now, such an angelic creation? And I knew he was the one for me to love and care and share all goodies of life together. He was my gift of God to help me find my true self and make this life worthful. I now knew he was the special someone on whom I depended for every bit-n-penny, he was my fantasy wonderful. Suddenly I smiled thinking all this and yes, could sense someone else doing the same. It was my father from the heavens who showed me the ‘thumbs up’ to get to my true soulmate before it was too late. This very moment had reversed the course of my life, the one magic moment I was grateful to forever. Yes, I said, I get it now.I, Jane now knew the truth of her life and secret to her joys. She was ready to be in love forever with Binoy.

Moments may be many. But not all are special. Special ones have an essence to them to change your destiny, they really are divine, trying to make things fine. Cherish a moment from your deep heart. If you feel its wonder worth. Because these moments are rare n very special made for special souls who must be thankful to God for them, they are priceless jewels. These are moments which left you and your tiny heart confident enough and your life not the same because they showed to you the very truth giving you the power to accept them.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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