If I were you…

If I were you…

I so much wish it were so…

Things could have been so …..

Well, to admit it now, If I were you, skies could have been more pink than blue. If I were you, birds could have talked and expressed their feelings with a song, a diamond ring and lots of true love. If I were you, I could have understood life through the eyes of three people, a bad man, a con man and a good man, very true in his work and wisdom never letting an opportunity be given to anyone for tampering with his bestie self ever come up. If I were you, I could have smiled more bright on seeing the beautiful butterflies dance on the heads of little cute girls busy playing and collecting flowers. If I were you, nothing could have deviated to displease me on a bright Sunday morning in Roco-Choco Bar, on the edge of The Thames. If I were you, all the name, fame, glories and glitters would have never inched towards my head, rather would have remained very humble and tame centering my heart. If I were you, I could have better known the scents of all the flowers in the nearby flower shop of Mrs.Cathy Anderson. If I were you, times could never have been boring and all endeavors done by me would have set international standards. If I were you, nothing could have remained untouched of hope even after that long misfortune part. If I were you, no face would have been bereft of a smile and a cheer in the heart. If I were you there would never be a bad end to anything, but all would be happy with sleepless nights, lying wide awake in the powerful hope of seeing a sunny, sweetly scented and marvelous day. If I were you, I too could have taken things in a stride and taken my heart on an adventurous joyride to heaven and back. If I were you I too could have learnt to laugh withdrawing the ocean of toxic pain into deep dungeons of my mind, not letting even a secret beam of light to see what lay there. If I were you, I could have been invisible but visible only through the eyes of special beings, with a tint of magic in their eyes, to see the unbelievable far and wide. If I were you, I too could never feel the heat, the weight and the chills that life had to somehow thrust on you. You could do whatever you desired without thinking twice and life could be more of the sugar and spice, making equations perfectly nice. If I were you, I could have mustered to create magic in each of my moves possibly. If I were you, I too could remember and forget at will. If I were you, I could be the adventure, the passion, the horror and the thrill. If I were you, I too could have seen life from many better perspectives. If I were you, I could have made the subjective more objective. If I were you, I too could have smiled at losing my love and feel no stir. If I were you, I too could have lived without my love and still be ready for the next chapter of life with no space to emotionally err. If I were you, I too could have obeyed and carried out God’s orders and commands and fought the dilemma of living a bland life without one’s true love and companion. Still, I would care a damn…But in one of the moments, I would be my just my own self not ready to barter my self with yours cause even though not being by your side, listening to your golden voice, seeing you and feeling your velvety touch I know and feel that I have, I do and will continue to love you and meet you in the twelve o’clock sky as my love star, always near, never far. I love you, Evan.Will always do!!!!


Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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