Mama Mia

When lights start to fade, trying to usher darkness in.When I gasp for air being powerless and thin.When things try to self-destruct.When I am focused on as an object of experiment by the ill forces.When the world does not go around as it used to.When I start to forget the true meaning of life. And then suddenly a miracle happens. Doors to real and bright life are opened. Hopes of good things in life happening again are lightened. Life at this point needed a support stick somewhere and that too was gracefully presented to me. She helped me to realize my potential and target my goals again. I have now learnt to love more than hate, no frets and regrets anymore. I have earned lots of scores, in learning how to cope with life’s methods, in understanding that good and bad times are only phases, they pass and usher what you always wanted to see, feel and hear without any more flaws and fears. The angel of the moment does a lot of good to me and my losing wars against life. I sometimes wonder where could have I been without that mercy angel in whose eyes I see a golden reflection of my self, from whose heart flows strength into mine, who teaches me all the philosophy, too modern and practical to be called useless. That miracle person is more than my expectation, of every universal wonder and she diligently passes all tests put up against her. She is a jewel of knowledge, magical magnificence having a mighty power like the Himalayas, wisdom of the wisest sage ever can be and sweetness of all the honey combined in nature, beauty of the divine goddess Durga herself. And kind to the core of her diamond heart. She is my moonlit magical end and my super special golden start. That person has been responsible for all my wins, has been my best buddy in doubtful days, my strongest side in hours of darkness and doom. She has been the ever burning candle of her confidence in me, the whole time in my life’s empty room. She has been the best part of me, my smiles and our tuning is ethereal, heavenly, claims to be the best relationship to be showcased, presentable in all eras of the world. What I am today is her work, her passion to see me somewhere near the moon, over the stars. She is my lucky charm always. Well to know that identity, I need not look far and wide. She is always beside. Me making my morning cup of tea with that extra sugar cube. She is there to give me my choicest attire for each day because she wants me to shine best. Then she prepares my favorite bites. She does all and she collects small titbits of fun and fancy to decorate my life. What can one want more from the heavens to be on cloud ten? She is my courage, my strength, my rainbow colors, my passion and my dearest gift I can never live without. She is my ultimate fight for good, for grace and she is my loudest shout out to create a stir very powerful and positive in my life. Yes, you guessed it right, its no one other than my mama mia, my darling she always will be. But now I want her to relax and enjoy max in the titbits I do for her and her heart. I want to repay back her love and dedication for me which I know I cannot ever really. But down one level, I want to make her reality with her kid an unending celebration, a golden path for her to tread on, a silvery moonlit sky to be under, a diamond dress for her to have and a caring heart which will always look after her with love and more love. My mama mia is fire and ice, she is the best sign of grace and beauty on the pages of life. With her I am always a better, changed person, she being the reason for my brave existence. She is my fun zone and my best teacher and we are too good together to be true. Hey, momsie, always be happy and I will dedicate dancing worlds at your feet. You deserve more than I can give you but I shall care for you and do all possible in my universal capacity. Thanks, mama for being the beauty spot of my life. Thanks, mom, you rock with your brilliance in everything you do and I want to dedicate my entire life in loving and caring for you. Three cheers for your special endeavours but always stay with me, this is what I ask of you as a favour. Love you hamesha!!!!

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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