All Yours

It really takes something to woo me. It really proves impossible. But lately, there’s a new pink bloom of daisies in my gaze. There’s a bright ray of golden light cutting through the haze. There are fumes rolling around me because there has somewhere been a fire set ablaze. That dark black jungle of mystery, the beautiful blue eyes have caught me unawares. And now I am hypnotized in the magic of love and care none for the hustle bustle around. I am diving in the magical world profound, of wonder, of rainbows, of blooms and blasts. I hope this magic-making moment forever lasts. Those red, luscious lips do a gig in my heart with their utterance. My state of balance has started to go dipping down and I hope I don’t become awkward with my self beyond my own level of tolerance. I start to feel that this is really happening, it’s genuine. I too am destined for the better pastry of my life topped with extra strawberries and cream. The black magic beauty has been too much to handle. I narrowly escape by controlling my emotions, the newest city scandal. In a fleeting moment of contact, I felt like I had known and adored her for ages. Now there could be no stopping me from dedicating her my heart and hundreds of eco-friendly pages. The dress she wore was a dark pink. And it really wracked my brains to make me think whether she was from Angel land or belonged to us. I knew something was going to cook thus. I laid down my guards and surrendered to the love and a sudden medley of emotions I felt rushing through me. Some butterflies screaming started fluttering in my belly wanting to be instant-free. There seemed to be essence and colors all around.LOVE, yes it was happening though I knew not more about it. But I could not escape the marvelous wondrous feeling, the moment. It was sweet, it was deep and it was turbulent. And supposedly cupid was somewhere seeing so much of my dilemma and yes, I bumped into her being on the same floor, but she quickly passed by only leaving behind her book and that lovely beautiful look. For which  I knew I could do anything and spare nothing which came in my way. Luckily I could come to know her name. She was from now my dream come true and I knew some next moment, very close I would say,’I love you’.Well, she may think I was a jerk, a psycho or a cheapster but I could not change that feeling for something even better. Eliana was everywhere around me. I just wanted to fly in her arms and get a taste of her extraordinary charm. Suddenly life was focussing on something real, worthy. I was starting to already feel a changed being and I did not want to cheat my feelings. I wanted to keep life now very real, perfect and with Eliana, my world was growing greener though still was in my dream. I wanted to say,’I Love You Eliana’ in shouts and screams. She was my fancy, my fun, my girl number one. With her life would sure be a rocker shit. And I would try to make it better for her every minute bit by bit. I said to myself and to her, I am all yours and I feel you will not let me down for sure.’


Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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