When It All Could Be

It took me more time than on hand to realize life is more of the unfair kind. When you are innocent and casually thoughtful, it shreds you and laughs at the life game, being a brat, able and to your condition absolutely blind. It never is as you think it would be. It’s too late to curse the Almighty. The ways of the wind are a bit mysterious. Hidden are many secrets under time’s veil. The good things happen and end faster leaving bad’s never-ending trail. I was paralyzed through senses, found no other option than to quit when I was auctioned for free, tagged an unwanted misfit. For all the love I had showered, for all the pains I had borne on my heart and all probs solved under my belt, I was no longer in the league, was so down under and needed by none, I felt. What has happened to the friend, where is life going, why do I feel an emptiness in all directions? Life is eating me up slowly, in halves and fractions. I was on a hit number just before that minute, when I heard the thunder of world, my joys and emotions falling apart. The dark angel was opening his arms to welcome me for the starts. I had to say, O Lord, give me a deserving share because I have tasted the bittersweet brunt a lot too well. I don’t want to be left behind all and with bad luck gel. I had imagined rosier views, better pathways and brighter loving moments for us to have. At least these are still in my mind groping for ground reality for which I am glad. With you, the days were shimmering, nights were brimming, a vast ocean of love was slowly finding its right course, flowers were blooming and hearts were saying encore. When we were together all was like a dream come true. There was mist, fire, love and stronger values. What happened to the deal, what came as a rocker to shake us to pieces? Now all was bombed, destroyed and no loveĀ could be there even in traces. I was again back to the pavilion. My colors had died out when you walked out. All could be only grey and I became destiny’s desirable prey. I now feel I am cursed. But nothing could be worst, than you and me not being together. Well, it is reality’s fair weather. I now have reconciled to walk alone for all the miles. I now dedicate my life to bringing in hearts hopes and on faces smiles. I still remember you, my only treasure, I had acquired. Want to say thanks for your time-bound mercy shown on me. But now I feel I am stronger, happier and free. Free to live, to cry, to die and say once and forever goodbye. To this world no good for me.To this life really a puzzle. I am somewhere without you. Without the beauty, the magic, my joys, my air, the paradise-effect and of course all the troubles.


Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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