There can never be an end

What more does a Jack or Jilly need when the world is all orange with a tango. The stars shine brighter and the sun is all smiles already. When what you need has been well taken into consideration and your one-sided worries have gone to play. When life has got such gifts that awesome sounds a word pretty tiny. When you have in your booty treasures, wonders and marvels to preserve, a lot too many. When life has been kind and beautiful and it has bestowed on you elaborate blessings. In many forms, the best one being a loving, caring and helping hand, a boon in disguise who constantly toils to see that you are at ease and your mind is at peace from the passing night to the next golden sunrise. That good samaritan act is better than the best, that angel role is the best gesture ever can be adorned. From caring to see you smile, every inch you walk to making your day a success, this person seems to have magical access to creating joys, making moments fun, never letting the darkness settle in, always with you in thicks and thins. This one really takes away your tensions and brings back satisfaction. It’s a beauty to see this genius in action. She knows what is right for you, she gives you motivated wellbeing energy, nothing could be right without her presence. She is the topping of the cake, the real-life essence. Well to point out without being surprised, moms are the ever wonderful angelic caring phenomena. No man can match neither their talents nor their stamina. They are what you needed to create bliss. And could you go to sleep without her goodbye kiss? If you took a pondering moment and paused to look around at the wonder world she has created for you, you would never be more grateful. For all that she has done for you. For the power, she is for you. So according to me and all the lucky kids having mothers, there can never be an end to child prosperity till she’s around. There can never be an end to success sweet knocking on your door and applauses being raised at your achievements, never an end to wonders, sweet and surprising, to beauties churned out from that heavenly corner called moms delicacies(lava cakes being the toppers) to motivating stories, wise moments and learning curves from her magical kitty of good things, and those naps in her lap till the time you wished. She has always been your friend, philosopher, guide, on merely looking into her eyes you have seen the whole world bright and wide. She has been your pride chapter throughout and she wants now that from you. She has always seen you to be better than others. All the qualities and ways of good living taught to you are her designs in shaping your character and heart. She has believed in you from the start. There has been a beginning but there can never be an end to letting her stand strong on her hopes and dreams she has seen for me, and can never be an end to loving her, adoring her and each day praying to her because she is my goddess, my everything. She is the reason for my existence as a humble, good human being. I can never imagine life without her vision, her smell, her eloquence and her ethereal beauty. They have constantly guided me to glories to fulfill my duties. What can the world get better than life, that life for all is a mother, there can be many but none like her. The world may at one point tumble, die, disintegrate but till there is a person called mom there can never be an end to love and a smile on a child’s face.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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