It will never be right…

When the winds will blow, peace will try to settle in and it will be alright again. When the sun will shine, the roses and sunflowers will forget their pain felt amidst the cold, blatant winters and will laugh spreading their beauty hither and thither, everything will be alright again. When the moon will beam bright and pleasant, the scent of romance will spread all around and all hearts intertwined in love will feel the tremendous power of passion profound, everything will be alright once again. When the rains will unleash their energy and fall, in drips and drops, the dying soul of the earth will be brought back to life, and will be grateful to the rains, sending a sweet smell and magic of the sands to the heavens in communion, and everything will be fine again. When humanity will take a step wider and will feel the power in togetherness, love, cooperation and brotherhood, the sins of the land, the jealousy, vice, hatred, terrorism, crimes and all gross things will vanish bringing in its trail love, compassion, bliss and wellbeing for all and so everything will be alright again. When life will change, bringing in new roles for its people, when world will witness the era of Jesus again trying to usher in kindness and purity for all to possess, when a man will feel things for his fellow beings and each woman will be the new age godmother to every orphan, everything will be alright again. It would be awesome being in a world full of colours, fun, love and bliss, a real pleasure. But it will always pinch and hurt bad to think of you, our love, correctly only mine, the way I did, so selfless yet so foolish. Everything at one point will strike the right chord again except that mess I made with you called love. The way I loved you, you cheated me, no, it will never be alright again. The way I adored you and you could only exploit. The things I felt for you and the concern which overwhelmed me to be such a nut and the way you showed to be a two-faced scorpion, can never be alright again. I wonder how could I be deceived so well that all universe left me in a dark, frenzied zone called hell. We could never gel. My love was never weak, was never wrong but your love for me could never be that strong, I now think we never really knew each other well enough and our hearts were now confused strangers. My soul gave up on you very traumatically, it never wanted to, but I still am amazed at my innocence, a silent killer which could never see the second foul play face of yours. Love cannot happen to all. But heartbreak can, it sure opens your senses wide and you still can’t accept the bitter truth. I can feel the best if I think from my head and take a break away from my ‘too good self’ but when thoughts come back of you to knock and even say sorry, nothing can be alright again, between you and me or in an exclusive, was to be wonderful space where I imagined to grow only tulips under the rainbow sky, my personal best gift I wanted to give you to create a living heaven of love called Paradisia of June Winters and Jack Bennett sadly which was quite a great thought, a great dream. All dreams don’t come true. But I still feel I love you. Thanks for making some moments memorable, rest are painful.

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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