A Little Angel’s Paradise

As far as the eyes can soar, as farthest as they can see and capture beauties in their golden cups, there seem to be flowers strewn in multicolors here and there and a little angels innocence mixed and upon everything. There is always a place for goodness and an innocent heart to survive with pleasure and pride, there are always humble spirits who take little angels on gorgeous rides to better paradises. And so the world is, after all, a not so bad place to live in. And in there Angela is a little lucky shot. In the world of Angela, there are many reasons to celebrate. Though she is not the biological kid of Reagan’s but she could never have felt it a bit that way even while dreaming. Jeremy Reagan, in his fatherhood avatar, could never get better graded in loving Angela, a homeless infant whom he had found in the nearby Joseph Gardens on the cold wintry morning of 12th December 1984, a perfect time to welcome an angel in their worlds. Since then Jeremy has laughed with her,  sang sweet melodies, danced all days and caressed Angela in his arms on rainy thunderous and frightening nights. He has always been a mantle of protection and support at every moment to Angela. He sees sparkling jewels of joy, love, satisfaction and so much more in the eyes of baby darling Angela. Angela’s mom Susan has been so much more than the world to her. With love pouring from every corner of her heart and with all good spirits to make Angela a good girl, Susan is always doing rounds of chores to keep Angie happy. A brother Jack who has hugged, loved and cared for Angela in all good-bad times and who could have even given up his life for saving his baby sis. Angie’s life has been made a blissful paradise with the presence of dad,  mom, Jack and a fairy Godmother who looks after her all the time sings her Christmas rhymes and knows how to make her happy and smacky and super fine.  This little world with mom, dad, Jack, Jhonny, Suzy, Samantha, Derek, her English teacher Mrs.Becker, the peon of her school Mr.Magolith and above all Jesus himself has given so many goodies to Angela and has always been made to feel to be the apple of everyone’s eyes, has made days golden, nights crimson and not less than the feel best ‘yabadabadu’ heaven as she calls it. So many toys with her favorite cute Princi barbie, Dino dinosaur and Moy the crazy monkey have always made her feel, over the moon and around stars. Nowhere can Angela find true happiness and so many smiles that flow and cross her face every morning to night. Angela thinks that one day she will visit ‘Paradise Island’ and meet Santa, Mother Earth, Captain America and God and sing them the song close to her heart titled ‘People of the world’ and then express her thanks to God for giving her this wonderful life and super wonder beings like Mom, Dad, Bro and all others. She also wants to become Miss World and wants to live more than the hundred years with her family forever. She does not want much, only more toys every year, more sweets, hugs, love, and blessing of all in this world. She wants to be a unique girl who will be the savior of mankind and wants to be remembered as the darling daughter of Reagan’s. She wants to shine, smile, shimmer, survive like a winner always with her jewels, her loved ones, for all seasons in her own secluded paradise, the heart of her family.


Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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